ZERO Sievert – How to Become Overpowered

How to Become Overpowered Early In The Game

My suggestion is:

  1. Chose Set 3, Long range weapon (forget the name i call it Mos), pistol, and scope. Snipe Bandit will be easy
  2. Don’t worry to buy bullet, if play snipe with Mos your bullet will be guaranteed, because bandit use the same bullet.
  3. After finish second mission from bartender, choose SKS as rewand because SKS can be mod and if you luck you can have more than 20 round of magazine. And bandit use sks bullet too.
  4. Don’t thingking to strike Village with early gear, Lazar Tapco is hurting badly this point. What you need is fast as you can go to retreat circle, because you will meet 2-6 bandit in way and more near them with exit more loot you can get. This better strategy for me because you can go 2-3 times in the forest with 1 bottle of water.
  5. Prioritize sell gun and cigarettes, this two things will help overcome hunger and thirst.
  6. After you have good magazine for SKS you can strike Woodmill, especially if it is close to the exit. but don’t enter main building I suggest having a muzzle if you want to enter.
  7. Buy heavy bag from doctor is good, but reputation not so fast increase so buy bag from Green Army first and Night vision as investment.
  8. After have night vision hunt in night is will be more useful.
  9. Oh, and don’t rampage anything. Don’t shoot scientist and green Army, avoid hunter if you can not too much worth loot them in early game, don’t shoot Loners they just wasting time, just hunt bandit until you ready.
  10. After you have better scope & muzzle for mos, better magazine, attachment, and muzzle for SKS. Go to hunt in Village. Lazar Tapco is good money and attachment for next weapon.
  11. If you can defeat Lazar three time in row, you are ready to Industry area. Buy best armor price 100.000 from doctor, change your snipe into SVD if you luck you will get SVD attachment and muzzle in Forest.
  12. Start hunt Crimson Corp, especially those who hold Scar. scar is good investment for close range shoot.
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