ZERO Sievert – How to Use Different Types of Same Ammo

So you all know how different weapons require different ammo but what about diffrent type of the same ammo…

How to Use Different Types of Ammo

Hold the Y button and scroll to select which ammo you want and press Y again to reload it into the gun.

But you have to pay attention, you need 1 free space to change bullets. You can’t change it even if your rifle is empty, the system still needs 1 free space in the Inventory.

Note: Also check the Tutorials, there’s a specific splashscreen in the combat tutorial regarding ammo, including how to change it.

Tipes of Ammo

  • Subsonic – Pew pew pew pew
  • HP – More like between subsonic and PS (more saving I guess)
  • PS – Bang bang bang
  • BT – Boom boom

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