Zombotron – Extra Challenges + Boss Guide

Have you done all challenges? Found Every secret? Well so have I and thus have concocted a few extra challenges and boss guides to help you find that extra enjoyment in your purchase or help you with some bosses.

Zombie Guides + World 1 Extra Challenges

Although you can easily destroy the zombies even with your starting peashooter and baton but still there are 3 zombie types.

Basic: Your basic cannon fodder they cant even deal much damage up close they have 3 body types theres tall and short zombies who dpnt have any differences other than cosmetically but the fatty zombies are a mix both tall but stubby they are slightly tankier and have a variant with a gas tank if you shoot them from the back they instantly explode but when killed normally it just lights the tank but careful shoot just one extra bullet by accident and it will instantly blow up.

Hunters: They have armor with a wooden mask preventing headshots the other special part is the spears they carry which they can throw with an arc (although they have terrible aim) when up close they will stab you both of these atacks can inflict bleed for around 20 seconds the last zombie type you will face is a boss.

Beeg Zombie: Oddly enough this is the only boss you shouldnt shoot because the flesh thingies on his back drop red orbs these orbs are armor piercing and deal more damage than most weapons at this stage the only other thing he can do is throw rocks with decent aim and has a devastating melee strike but he can also throw flesh balls which can deal melee damage but just dodge get the orbs and retreat.

Extra Challenges: The first world has very few things to really do so the only challenges i can recommend is trying to beat the world with only the melee weapons or without any armor.

Spider Enemies + World 2 Extra Challenges

This world is pretty basic the only enemies are spiders

Spiders + Poison spider launchers: These guys suck at melee they swing slow and dont do much damage still far stronger than zombies the poison ones have a scorpion like tail with a tube to shoot poison and duh they can deal poison the last thing you need to know is that you cant head shot them this applies to all spiders.

Mutated spiders + Mutated launchers: These guys have a scorpion like claw and will likely destroy you still swing slow cooler looking though the other mutated ones look like a spiked disco balls they throw spikes in every direction and can inflict poison.

The Beast: Yeah those goat guys were right this thing is dangerous he has armored claws and can swoop down to claw at you which is incredibly dangerous the last thing is that he will ocassionally put his hands to his disgusting face to then throw 3 incredibly dangerous poison projectiles but pay attention and you can jump over dont try to hit the head aim for the claws destroy one? destroy the other it gets rid of the swooping atack and deals massive damage the last thing you need to know is that he will really shove his remaining small T-rex hands after that a bunch of spiders will come over to try and distract you while the spider heals just go under him this will make him heal for less time so make sure his exo eskeleton remains broken.

Extra Challenges: This world has an incredibly powerful weapon which is terribly hidden you know where it is so i challenge you to use its melee atack only no bullets until the boss if you want to shoot bullets then use a submachine gun only you get all the good ♥♥♥ at this stage so use those epic submachineguns on those stores for once but if you are a completionist then i simply challenge you to try and find a battle pot and no other armor no ranged only melee theres a secret fire axe at the town so i recommend you use it.

Ghouls + World 3 Extra Challenges

Ghouls: These guys are the first enemy to try and avoid thankfully being a crumbling cursed skeleton they arent especially durable so head shots or generally shotting them will finish them the only especial ability they have is armor they can be found with helmets and shields these can take a few bullets before being destroyed they are still far tougher than the zombie hunters wooden masks.

Ghoul Spitters: Look at the little baby man the small dumb baby man who is one of the most annoying pests in the game they spit out poison which deals more damage than you would expect thankfully they have small bodies and big heads so if you find the caroussel shotgun please vaporize atleast one of them with it another thing is that oddly enough they dont have arms the shots come from their eyes so these ghouls were likely not human skeletons not only because of size but because as its well known babies have arms.

Ghoul Brute: Jesus christ hes big and very dangerous hes also incredibly tough just a ghoul with built in armor so dont worry he has a big head so aim for the head.

Infator Guard: My personal favorite boss the infator has 3 whole atacks shooting flame balls in your general direction in total 4 ive seen one very close to him in your direction another slightly farther one another near the middle and one much farther these have a very tricky angle his second atack is punching the floor and summoning flames these cover all the ground around him you are faster than the flames so bravely run away if you dont manage to escape these can inflict burning his last and simplest atack is a wide swipe the last thing you should remember is that you cant jump over the infator so use the slopes and remember that you can stunlock him by making him jump up to you but knock his head on you this will make him fall down and try again keep trying thats all you need to know to wreck my favorite boss.

Extra Challenges: There isnt much to do my challenge to you is to spare the spitters trust me this is the worst challenge in this “guide” another one is using only the rocket launcher it wont one shot them but it will make you bleed melee is allowed.

Mining Bots + World 4 Extra Challenges

Miner Bots: Unlike ghouls these guys have no armor and not that much hp their big upside is strong melee and small heads a very fun foe since they atack just like you a duel with one of these guys is more fun than a zombie or spider nothing much else to say.

Demolition Bots: These yellow pests will one shot any balanced build thankfully their shots have a predictable arc on flat ground and if you get too close they will try and melee you this is your best situation they wont shoot you so try your best to stay close on flat ground the arc becomes nearly unavoidable and will wreck you.

Grinder Bots: The robot equivalent to Ghoul Brutes but have no head and deal more damage not much to say cooler looking though.

Stone Golem: One of the easiest bosses get near his head to avoid his punches which has a massive arc along with that he will slam the ground to drop rocks pay more attention to his minions he will have a constant supply of demolition bots aproaching you just divert fire from the golem and kill them thats all you need to win i dont think you will struggle.

Extra Challenges: Honorary miner? Yeah sure grab a shovel or pickaxe and change that title to official i challenge you to use only shovels or pick axes along with your rocket launcher the only exception will be the golem because riding a golem while hitting it with a shovel isnt fun my last challenge to you is to play zombotron 2 and remember the days when rocket jumping was a thing.

Scavengers + World 5 Extra Challenges

Welcome to the end this world has only 2 enemy types and a boss they both do the same withh different firing types so ill make it short

Scavengers: They will shoot non stop for 3 seconds with a rifle or a shotgun the shotgunners can inflict bleed if you get close the riflemen deal much more damage at a range with better aim they also have a weak melee atack this basically disarms riflemen but be careful since shotgunners dont stop shooting until you get face to face be careful dont get close to someone with a shotgun and you will be fine.

Turrets: These arent really enemies but you can shoot them when activated they will shoot enemies at a medium fire rate they can deal high explosive damage so be careful with friendly fire.

Carriers: These dog like robots fire at anything in front of them they also have a flat back you can ride or put a grenade in they dont deal much damage to you but deal much more to enemies.

Machine of War Aka Big Fighty Robot: The robot will chase you down an incredibly long hallway full of turrets just activate as many turrets as you can they will deal lots of damage and leave him at around a quarter of its health when you reach the end just shoot it with your gatling machine guns in this game are not balanced well so just shoot it dead grab the useless gun and groan at the ending again.

Extra Challenges: The only reaal thing to do is melee only all i have to say is thank you for reading this far if you think of any other challenges please reccommend them in the comments have a great day i already finished this game 3 times i just want to give a little back to one of my favorite communities its not big its not flashy but i still like it adios.

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