A Difficult Game About Climbing – How-To: A One-Handed Dyno Action

Guide to One-Arm Dyno

Note: Credit goes to ThatGusGoose


A one-handed dyno in climbing refers to a dynamic move where a climber launches themselves off one hand to reach a distant hold using only that hand, without relying on the other hand for support during the movement. It requires explosive power and precise coordination to successfully execute.

The Motion

  1. Hold grabbing arm bottom right, swing it to the left and then do a diagonal movement up and towards where you’re jumping to.
  2. Let go of your holding arm right before it straightens out all the way.

The swing movement can be relaxed but the diagonal throw needs intention and force.You want to avoid swinging through the diagonal throw part because it spins your body and makes it really hard to control your arms.


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