A Hat in Time – Walkthrough

This guide shows how to finish A Hat In Time.


  • W, A, S, D – Move
  • E – Use
  • Ctrl – Crawl/leap
  • LMB – Attack/confirm
  • RMB – Switch hats/cancel
  • Space – Jump
  • 1 – Blow raspberries
  • 2 – Switch hats forwards
  • 3 – Switch hats backwards
  • 4 – Blow kisses

The Beginning

First, click on Create New File. Then create a new game. You can click Left Click to skip. You can click Shift to use your ability. The Kid’s Hat will make you find your goal, and the Sprint Hat will make you run faster. Before you leave the bedroom, press E to look inside the chest, near the wardrobe. You will get one point. Then go through the purple door. It opens once you go near it. Before you leave, you can switch places with the robot. When you leave, you will see some rooms. One is a small elevator, one is a kitchen, one is a green passageway, and the other one is a red passageway. The passages and the elevator doesn’t work right now, and there’s nothing in the kitchen that helps you… YET. Once you complete the first level, you can go to other levels. To go to the first level, go to the screen with an ! on it. Press E, and then a Mafia will knock at the door. Go near it, and then the first level will start. Have fun!

Welcome to Mafia Town!

Follow the path of diamonds, until you see a girl with a mustache. Follow her. When she goes on the rope, go right and stand on the button. Climb to the tower where the mustache girl is and keep following her. When she says she sees one of the “junk pieces”, go closer to it. Attack the Mafia until you can get the junk. Then jump and get it. If you jump and attack, it will be easier. Click on the screen near the kitchen. Go in the kitchen and click on the light. You will unlock two new levels: She Came from Outer Space and Barrel Battle.

Barrel Battle

Click on the level, “Barrel Battle” to start it. Then, Climb up by going to the right and jumping, then to the left, and keep doing it until you get to the top. Go to where the glowing is and get the yarn. You need it to craft hats. Then go to the safe and follow where the beams go. Get the codes and open the safe. If you see robotic birds, attack them. When you have all the vault codes, go to the safe and get the points and the brewing yarn. Then, go to where the angry talking is. It’s the mustache girl yelling at the Mafia. If you see one of the Mafia holding his hand out, don’t talk to him. Then when you go near the barrels, the Mafia will try to attack you. When you finish off the fourth one, avoid the barrels of TNT. Then, attack the boss. Get the junk.

She Came from Outer Space

Before starting, talk to the mustache girl. She will give you sprint yarn. Then, go into the kitchen and go to the third level. It’s the mystery level. You will need to get it by buying it with five points. Then, go up the barrels and get the yarn. Okay, I don’t know how to get it. Go to the junk. Near it, you will find two pieces of yarn. Then, you can stitch a hat. Great job. Then, go near the Mafia with weird glasses.

If he doesn’t run away from you, fall in a puddle. Then, he will jump across. It says you can press Ctrl to jump further, but there’s an easier way. Use the Sprint Hat. When you jump across, go to the large pipes to the right. Then, jump across. Then, jump again. Next, you guessed it. JUMP OR ELSE! To do the next jump, go to the right of the barrier. Jump. Then, go to the wall and climb and ____ to get to the top. I don’t even have to say the blank. Then, jump and oops I said it. ____ and ____ to get to him. J*** and get it. You unlocked Down with the Mafia!

Down with the Mafia!

Start the level. Go to the part with the slides. Get the relic. Then, go back to where you started. Before that, get the YARN. Don’t be afraid to get two more. On the way, fight the Mafia harming the man. He’ll give you a yarn. If you got all the yarn, you will have five pieces. No, I did NOT get the one in the third level yet. Then, attack the Mafia near the mustache girl. When she steps on a button, step on the other one. Go to the Badge Seller and buy the umbrella one. Then, climb to the top of the bar. Go on the wood and run to the back. Get the bucket of crabs near the cat. Watch out for rats. CAT, THAT’S YOUR JOB! Go down and go to the right. Put the crabs on the button and get the key. Go into the door and go to the bathroom that’s open. Get the token. Go into the kitchen behind the bar. Unlock the door. Go to the left and climb up the crates. Open the chest to get yarn. Your 6th one (if you got all of them). Climb all the way to the hole and crawl (Ctrl) through it. Then, go towards the Mafia king. When your path is blocked, attack the Mafia and go closer to the king. Then, you will have to do challenges. When the king glows blue, you can attack him.

  • Super Charge – Jump over the waves of electricity.
  • Ultra Charge – Jump over the waves of electricity and sparks in the air.
  • Mega Charge – The same thing as Ultra Charge, only that the electricity is red and moves faster.
  • Bow Down – Avoid the heavy bags.
  • Spinning – Hide in the corners to avoid the electricity. If you want to attack him, attack his head.
  • Spinning Faster – A faster version of Spinning. This time, I don’t think you should hit him.
  • Mafia Ball – The hardest one. When the Mafia Ball isn’t going your direction, climb up it and hit him.
  • Spinning blades – The easiest one. Don’t get hit by the blades.

After you finish him, get the junk. Now, you can switch places with the mustache girl and go up the slide. Use the brewing hat and destroy the yellow barrels. You unlocked The Golden Vault and Heating Up Mafia Town

The Gallery

Go to the red passageway and unlock it. Use the witch hat to break the barrels in the way in the Art Room. Go in the Time thingy. Then that will start this level. First, jump. DANG I just said the J word. Climb up like in the second level. Go on the gears. On the second one, go backwards. And this is giving the PRO trouble. Jump on the balloons. Blow up the boxes with the witch hat. Once you finish the second part with the gears, do homing attacks to go through. Then climb up. Like you have no other choice. Then climb up. At least I skipped the part with the J… ARRRGGGHHHH! Climb up. I’m trying not to be mean, but I’m about to say the J word. JUMP! That felt good saying that. Then you get to choose da hat. Then, talk to the cat to get a relic. Use both hamburger relics to finish.

Dead Bird Studio

This is the first level in Chapter 2. Go in the red room and start. Go into the studio. Go to the left and climb on the big door until you see a little hole. This is a really funny part. First, you buy A Hat In Time for $2.99, and then you have to pay more money. HA – HA – HAA! Go thru da thing. Pass the penguin without being spotted. Then go up. Don’t go on the dance floor. Turn on the train. Go on the tube below where the train goes to. Then, go to the next train without being seen. I think there are more owls than penguins. Go to the train without flicking the switch. You don’t really have to, tho. Get dat yarn. Then, go on the house and get your eighth piece of yarn. Then, go right. Go on the “tightrope” to get the relic without being seen. Go back and go the other way. Jump on the bags. Then, go down to the other train. Go left, on the speaker. Turn off the power. Groove with the train. Use the TP. Go across. Go up. J – NOT THIS TIME! Climb. Pass the penguin. Go up. Talk to the bird to get your photo taken and move when he says he’s ready. Take da junk. You will unlock Picture Perfect, Murder on the Owl Express, and finale.

Murder on the Owl Express

Start the level already! I’ve got a LIFE, you know! Go into the first room. One of the birds will ask you a question about your pet’s name. OCTOBER. Your uncle’s sister’s name is KATE, isn’t it? Don’t be shy… Go into da rume. My favorite combination of letters and numbers is EEE. The code is DCB 4IL OSE. His superhero name is SUNSET. Go into the room. Yes, the room with owls giving bad jokes. Even a hit on the head won’t work. Go up and get da yarn. go into the VIP. Get key. Open the gift box after unlocking the front room. Go back. See the crime room. The CAW tells you to not leave. Like that’s a LAW. It’s only a law if LAW means LAME AWFUL WARNING. Go into the REC room. Get the folder. It’s some evidence. The conductor is a suspect. Climb up where the footsteps are. Go in the right cabin. Get the key. Then, go back into the REC room. Go into the other room. Then the luggage room. Get the yarn. Wow. 10 already. There will be another piece of evidence. The crows. Stand on the button. Let me correct that mistake I made a few minutes ago: THERE ARE 11 PIECES OF YARN. Go into the VIP room. Destroy the shining box with the witch hat. Get the gift. Go back and jump on the TV. Get the key. Also, get the evidence. Kate. Go to the luggage room and unlock the door. Stand on the button. That will block the crow in the way of a door. Go on the elevator. If you go to the right, there’s a broken elevator. Go in the boiler room. Pass the crows talking about your favorite body part. Get the key to failure. Go into the engine room. Don’t stand on the blocks 4 2 long. Then, switch the switch on and October will give you something. Hey, he’s my CAT, NOT MY DOG! THE EXPRESS OWLS!? Go right to the lounge. Get that yibber – yabber – gibber – gabber evidence. It’s… the victim? Go in the sauna. Get the key. Go to the other room. Stand on the button to turn the other elevator on. Open the door. Get the evidence. Once you leave, choose who you think did it: The crows, the express owls, the conductor, you, Kate, and the victim. Oh, it’s a thingamajig? Get the thingamajig. Go onto the other relic thingamajig and make a toy. That will unlock the purple time rift in chapter 2. You also unlocked new levels: Contractual Obligations and sleeping hollows. Go into the purple bedroom and…

Contractual Obligations

We’ll do this level, since Sleeping Hollows doesn’t work for me. This level is in Chapter 3. It’s not that hard. Start it. See? That’s so EASY! Start by going up the tail. Up and up. This level isn’t hard at all. I’m not giving any directions. Ya know what, let’s skip that part! Follow the path. When someone captures you, keep punching. Press E to zoom in, button 3 to go down, and LMB to sign. Take both purple apples and when they turn red, throw them. Do it twice to get yarn. Stitch the hat. Go to the bonfire. Follow where the blue tubes go. Get three of the spirits. Leave the one blocked with ice. Throw them in the fire. Get the relic from the gift box. To get the last one, break the ice with the exploding apple. Sign the contract on the left. Before getting the time piece, get the gift blocked with ice. Get the thingamajig. Wait a min… what’s the real name? Junk… Thingamajig… Time Piece… I like thingamamamamamamamamamamamajig. You will unlock new levels: Queen Vanessa’a Manor, finale, and The Subcon Well.

The Subcon Well

So you broke the fire and found three new places: The path at the end of the bridge, the purple moat, and the bridge. First, go to the opening in the gate to the left from the house. Cross the moat with the bridge. Get the paintings for the bonfire. Go to the weeds and sign the contract on the right. Find three contracts. Go to where the minions say the subcon well is. Go into the well and go into the room with the chest and earn a badge. Left click on the lanterns to swing on them. Step on the button. Go the other way. Start the fluid. Get the token. Then, get the time piece.

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