Assetto Corsa – Best Xbox Controller Gamepad Settings (Fast / Slow / Drift Cars)

The best gamepad controller handling, easy control.

In-game Settings

To be able to drive successfully with a gamepad, DO NOT flick the steering left to right.

Push the analogue UP at all times, and slowly rotate it LEFT and RIGHT, it gives great precision. Keep the in-game steering wheel visible so you know how much rotation is being put into the steering column.
I can easily win online races doing this with the gamepad settings above.

I spent a long time configuring the settings to make it handle similar to F1 series which has excellent controller default settings, of course that game has some assistance permanently enabled for gamepad so I can’t make it perfect for Assetto.

Created by kraM

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  1. Hey man i think this is great advice and great settings thank you i use this method of steering on f1 and it most racing games i’ve played for this game it was a little hard with how twitchy it was but the filler and other settings will really help with this thank you i was struggling to find a good mix

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