ATOM RPG Trudograd – Achievements Guide (Patch 1.05)


Note: Credit goes to Bigfoot Truther

During daytime at Second Tier (just outside the general store with the bike over it) a man will be waiting. Talk to him and he will offer you a house for 2,000 dollars, (can be bartered down) but first you need to clear out the bandits living there. If you’re going for the commando achievement as well, when you enter the new area (north of Machine Factory) make a save!

Clear out the bandits or speak to big jug, regardless when they are gone the man who sold you the house will show up and offer to help you with the rest of the work. All you need is money and food because similar to ATOM RPG, you’ll just be paying and waiting. I believe in total the price is around 12,000, the workshop is 7,000 the house is 2,000 and the kitchen is 3,000. You have the option to hire workers/get extra animals/get expanded stock with your workers here.

If you only care about the achievement pay for all the upgrades, wait a day or two for them to finish building, and you will get the achievement when all the upgrades are completed.


After purchasing your house you’re tasked with clearing out the bandits living there. Before doing this, make a save, tell your followers to wait outside the gates and sneak your way in.

Wait for the guards as they patrol and make your way to the back, another guard will exit out the back door so look out.

Finally make your way instead and speak to big jug. It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you make it to him sleeping on the couch you will get the achievement.

The Great and Powerful

Meet Positronium in the flesh, sort of.

After completing your home (all upgrades, you must get the household achievement first), Slonikov the philanthropist will arrive with a quest about paradise in a sanatorium outside the city. WARNING: this is the same Slonikov from Kolotushkin street that was moving mannequins in a room rented out by a family. If you killed him earlier, you cannot access the new quest/dungeon. Let him stay at your house and head out to the new area, it will be marked on your map but it is just south of the big cave.

Once you arrive fight off the murderhobos and stray dogs and make your way inside until you find a large sealed door. Access the terminal for the door to open and reveal the previous adventurers Slonikov sent to explore the area. I helped them by activating the turrets but I do not believe it is mandatory for the achievement. Make your way down the elevator and you’ll be greated by Positronium the first who wants you to take care of an ant problem.

Continue on fighting off bugs until you find the large bug mound, a tough boss is inside so be prepared.

Once clearing this out and returning Positronium will let you through the door where you’re greeted by the next Positronium who needs help fixing robots. I fixed the robots and he still wanted to kill me, so simply dispatch the robots (easier said than done) take the red keycard off Positronium in this room, continue on and you’ll trigger a cutscene where the achievement will pop.

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