Backpack Battles – How to Play

Tips for Beginners

The game doesn’t provide much of a tutorial so I’m gonna try to help you a little.

  • You have a backpack which you can buy more space from during the game, very important.
  • The phases are like that: buy-phase, you get gold after each fight, you manage your backpack and then you fight (asynchronous fighting)
  • In the first round, you have 12 gold to buy stuff. Depending on the class you pick (there are four to switch between in the title screen) you have different starting items and you can buy more directly. For example, as pyromancer you have a wood sword and some flames. Your sword does some damage, but little, so you can buy more weapons, like more swords, a spear, a hammer or so on, or upgrade your sword (with two flames e.g.), you can buy a shield, a banana to heal you, a leak to provide armor and many more. Just hover over the items to know what they do.
  • Then you place the items in your backpack. Some of them have synergy so read the items carefully!
  • Under “Recipes” in lower right corner you can see the recipes you unlocked already
  • When an item in your back/strorage and on in shop are a combo, you’ll see a faint glowy line when you hover over one of them. Then you can just go for it, combine and learn.
  • In round 8, you’ll get to pick a subclass. They are a lot! And there are six different. Read the description and try out.
  • You have 5 lives; if you lose them, you’re out. After 10 wins you can decide to take some ranking gain or go for more wins and gain more ranking. You’ll get 1 life back and have to win two more games than you have lives left.
  • You can look up some combos online, but since so much changed today with the release, many are still missing. but surely IGN and such will pick it up soon.

Hope that clears it up a little for you. It’s a game of finding the right synergies and of course RNG since the shop is sometimes very mean and withholds the item you want. Have fun playing!


  1. You play the game by placing bags and items in your play area. Once you are done and you have no time limit, click ready for battle. Most weapons consume stamina, and make sure your stamina usage is not too high. Many items have synergies where you can unlock stars for bonuses depending on the item. There is also a discord and wiki that can help you out. It is an autobattler so your items will fight automatically once you start the battle. Inventory management is also a key component to the game and arranging your items and leveraging the synergies of your items is often the key to victory.

    You win by causing your opponent to reach 0 hp before you do. The goal is to get to 10 wins before you lose all of your tries/lives. Once you do, you will be offered a chance to get even more wins or take the current win.

  2. No, everything effect you have or use is in your backpack through Items or the bags that you use to store Items in. Just take your time and read some effects ^^ Different characters also have different spezial starting backpacks that define their playstyle.

    “Attacks” themselves only get thrown out if you have a weapon in your backpack like the Ripsawblade or a Wooden Sword.

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