Basketball Club Story – All Achievements Guide

Guide on how to unlock all achievements in the Basketball Club Story game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

First Historic Victory

“Proof of winning the match for the first time.”

This achievement is straightforward as it requires you to win your first ever game against Smiley Shopping center.

The first lineup you are given should be enough to win and if not, then adjusting your strategies or training players should improve your ability to win.

A Rainbow Bridge That Leads to Victory

“Proof that player in the rainbow category has become a member”

When hiring players there are categories that determine skills, boosts, or abilities that a player has or can accelerate. To unlock this achievement you will need to hire a player that has a category with a rainbow in it.

The three categories that have a rainbow are:

  • Doctor
  • Ironman
  • Superstar

They Appear in game like this:

Let’s All Aim For Victory

“Proof that there are more than 20 boosters.”

In order to earn this achievement you need to complete requirements set by visitors. You can find the quests by going to menu>view info>visitor list and then selecting the visitor you want to find the requirements for.

Requirements can be related to visitor level, team wins, or facilities at your park. An example being the following:

I Decorated the Brocade to the Local

“Proof of winning the National Division I.”

This achievement is pretty straightforward. In order to earn this achievement you have to have League A unlocked and you need to win the league. This can be difficult depending on the players you have in your lineup as it is recommended to have all players stats in the range of 800-1200.

(Note: When I unlocked this achievement it was random, I did not win National Division I when the achievement popped. It occurred for me after winning a random game).

In Time of Crisis, Your Legs Will Extend

“Proof that Kairobot became a member.”

In order to earn this achievement you must hire Kairobot as a player. The ability to hire Kairobot is unlocked after winning the Kairo League (The Kairo League being the league in the bottom right with a rainbow “S”).

At this point your team should be very highly leveled (1200-1800 in all stats for each player).

Suddenly a Veteran Club When You Notice It

“Proof of running a basketball team for many years.”

To earn this achievement you must finish 10 years of in-game time.

Without Playing any games

  • One in-game week is approximately 20 seconds.
  • One in-game month is approximately 1.3 minutes.
  • One In-game year is approximately 16 minutes.

That means that without playing any games this achievement will be unlocked in about 2.7 hours. This time does not account for pop-ups, time in menu, or other miscellaneous factors.


In general, most games are RNG-based but if you train your players, adjust strategies, adjust player skills, as well as aura balancing you can beat just about any team.

I would not recommend getting attached to any players unless they are an S in their given position (A can be fine as well though). That does not mean that you have to release any player not in your immediate lineup as for some leagues there are different requirements for players (League D). I believe you can have up to 40 members on your team but having that many is a bit overkill.

There should be no rush to finish all the achievements within the 10 year bounds. The 10 years only cuts off your overall high score. I only unlocked about 3 achievements before the 10 year mark. It took me to year 20 in order to unlock my final achievement.


This game is a nice idle game to have in the background or on a second monitor if available. With no time crunch you can easily finish this game within 50 hours. If you were to try to speedrun the achievements or are just great at management simulators you could probably finish this game in half the time.

I highly recommend completing this game if you are an achievement hunter and want a laid back completion.

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