Beat Saber – How to Play Modded Game after The New Unity Update

This guide will explain how to get modding back in beat saber after the new unity update and also to prevent the game from updating.

Step #1

Right click on beat saber and find the ‘properties’ option.

Step #2

Click on the ‘properties’ option and click ‘betas’. After that, click on ‘beta participation’ and click the only option available in the drop down menu, which is the legacy build.


Upon clicking the legacy build in ‘betas’, your game will be scheduled an update which will revert it back to the legacy version of unity and will allow modding again. You will be reverted back to 1.29.1.

The game will also not update until you go exit the legacy build from the ‘betas’ page in ‘properties’.

Created by Xyantri

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