Blade & Sorcery – How to Fix Lag Post U8

Fixing Lag Post U8

My PC decided to crash while making this, so here’s a basic rundown with a lot less exciting looking text + images, thanks Windows.

What You Need To Do:

  • Go to your Files on your desktop, click the “Documents” folder in the Quick Access bar, Go to “My Games” , DELETE the “Blade and Sorcery” folder inside.
  • Go to your Files again, Go to the Drive you have b&s installed on [ (Windows (C:) ], go to Steam, Steamapps, common, Blade & Sorcery, BladeAndSorcery_data, then you will see a folder labeled “StreamingAssets”. DELETE the “StreamingAssets” folder entirely.
  • Go into the Steam Application, Right Click Blade and Sorcery in your Steam Library, click on “Properties”, “Local Files”, Click on “Verify Integrity of game files” and wait for the process to finish and install the missing game files automatically.
  • This process provides a fresh wipe to your characters data and all mods will now be completely removed and your FPS should increase quite a bit.

Remember: This game is very early access, additional updates will be released aiming toward FPS increase.

What Else Can I Do? If you experience awful frames and still want to play the new update, try reducing Render Scale down to .75 or .50 for the MOST FPS increase, disabling or reducing any sort of shadows/gibs/post-processing/bits will make the game much smoother as well. Good luck and hopefully this helped at all!

Created by IHateMyLife

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