Book of Hours – Tips for New Librarians

A few tips for new players, without going into specifics too much. None of this is meant to be in-depth, just general, spoiler-free advice.

New Librarian Tips

Before We Begin

The first tip is something best done before you dive into the game: Have something set up to take notes with! Paper and pen, word processors, etc. work, but I would recommend google sheets. With a bit of work you can have easily searchable and sort-able tables of info on books, skills, crafting and whatever else you want to include!

Books and Skills

Obviously, books are a very important part of this game. You’re a librarian, after all!

And books contain the all-important skills. Skills will enable you to make items, and more easily study other, more complex books, so they’re one of the most important forms of progression.

When you have a “lesson”, obtained from reading a book, you can Consider it to get the appropriate skill. And Considering that skill with a lesson and another memory* will level up the skill, intensifying its aspects.

Note: It can be a second lesson, but I don’t recommend that, since you could use one lesson each time to upgrade a skill twice instead.

This is all well and good, and normally you’ll want a good variety of skills. But sometimes you really want a particular skill to be a higher level. So what should you do? Well, the lesson you use doesn’t necessarily need to be from the skill you’re trying to improve – as long as it shares an aspect!

So you can use multiple different lessons to get a skill to a high level, to enable easier reading of books that share an aspect.

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