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Everything is so expensive! How do I make money?

  • Sell Bee Feed and/or Apple Juice in the market. You can max the price because an AI buys it anyway.

How do I get more crystals?

  • You can buy them in the Shop, or you can get them from reward chests, cleaning your farm from debris (rocks/trees), the Tender decoration, train orders, and some daily quests. You also receive crystals as daily rewards.

My storage is always full. Where do I get the tools to increase it?

  • Kinda same as crystals: in chests, as drops while working on your farm, from clearing the debris, some daily quests, train orders, or you can simply buy them in the Marketplace. The Marketplace tools are always the most worthwhile purchase in this menu.

And to clear up storage room when it gets stuffy – complete truck orders, only create food items that are requested by the girls, and sell at the Marketplace.

What should I do with my crystals?

  • That’s up to you. Save them for Season 2 stories.

A lot of things can be bought with gold so it might be worth to invest some into production building slots (especially for things that you need all the time, like the Feed Mill) and the Tender decoration (which gives back 1 crystal per day).

What are special decorations?

  • Most decorations are for visual effect. The only exception is “Tender” -> gives 1 crystal every 24h.

I misplaced something. Can I change the position of buildings/animals?

  • Yes. Just click and “hold” them for a moment to enter Edit Mode.

How can I get a reward chest?

  • You receive reward chests when you unlock a new fact for a girl, complete 5 daily truck orders, complete all daily quests, buy new land expansion, or as a login reward.

I bought a picture slot but I didn’t get the picture. Is this a bug?

  • When you buy a picture slot while you have more than one new picture pending, it doesn’t unlock the picture you selected but the first locked picture you received (blurred pictures are unlocked in the order you got them).

My game fails to load or (insert any other error here)

  • Before asking for help/reporting a bug pls make sure everything on your end is fine. Most loading errors (especially after updates) can be solved by refreshing or updating your game.

Events: Will I still be able to do orders for the event girl after the event finished?

  • Event that are finished become “bonus content”. They will not be rerun, but if you’re craving for more of the girl in question, or you didn’t complete her, you can purchase the event as a “cumback” in the DLC shop. This makes it permanently available to complete at your leisure. The price of this bonus content depends on the number of pictures you still have to unlock. There are weekly rotations for these “cumbacks” at large discounts.

What happens if a wagon isn’t completely filled before the train leaves?

  • If the train leaves with carts half full, you will not get the key, buy you will get a corresponding amount of gold and XP as a reward.

I purchased an older event and I can’t see her story or tokens!

  • There is no time limit for purchased cumbacks (past events). Just do truck orders at your pace. However, when you have a purchased cumback AND an event is live – event tokens will take priority until you complete the event, because there is a time limit on the live content. You will receive tokens for your purchased event once you complete the current event/it ends.

I didn’t complete the event in time! Will it return?

  • If you don’t complete an Event while it is live, you will have the opportunity to purchase it later as a Cumback in the DLC menu. Cumbacks prices are scaled down if you already have some unlocked story beats from that event. You can complete a purchased Cumback at your leisure, whenever you aren’t actively working on a live event.

What is an Animated Tapping Event?

  • Once a month, a higher challenge type of event is rerun. It’s a clicker event, and unlike regular events, it is hard to complete. The Animated Tapping Event rewards carry over to your main game however much you unlocked.
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