Borderlands 2 VR – Not Displaying on Headset (Fixing)

How to Fix

I am making this post because I was having the hardest time getting borderlands 2 vr to display on my headset. It was working on my laptop fine but not displaying on my headset. This only works on Nividia as far as I know but after searching forever and getting fed up I found the solution listed elsewhere and wanted others to not have this problem.

  1. First Open Nivida Control Panel. DO NOT Open Geforce Experience
  2. Go to manage 3d setting on the left side of window
  3. You should be on global settings now. Select the Program settings Tab
  4. In the drop down menu select Borderlands 2 VR. If not listed select the add button next to the drop down and add Borderlands 2 vr
  5. In the second drop down list change from global to high end nividia processer and select apply
  6. Restart the game and it should display in your headset now.

I never post and this issue I found no help and was soooo angry I was gonna lose it. I hope this helps others who are having this issue.

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