Children of the Sun – Rarest Achievements Guide

This guide will help you to obtain the rarest achievements in the Children of the Sun game.

How to Get Rarest Achievements

Surveil the Dead

  • It’s been a long time.

Wait for the timer to run out, new cultists will spawn.


  • Precise deviation might gets things on fire.

Angle your first shot to bounce off the bubble and hit the gas tank positioned below the bubble and left of the building.

Losing Track

  • Just passing through.

Shoot down the train (lengthwise, not through the windows).

Filled with Blood

  • Drifting into their conclusion.

Shoot the gas tank of the car while it’s drifting near the two cheering cultists.

Breaking Contact

  • The Sun shines through.

Shoot through the hole on the roof of the bridge where light rays are shining through.

This is no Paradise

  • Through their homes.

You get it when you go through the apartments on the lower floor right up ahead:

You’ll need a trajectory change charge at the end of the hall.

Bury your past

  • Avoid the debris

Fire high through the central debris cloud and use a redirect to come back down.

Main street

  • 350 meters are a long way.

Use the two floating cars (presumably to increase the total distance).

Gas station

  • Most can burn, but inside they can’t.

Aside from the armored enemy inside the gas station, use explosions to kill all other enemies.

Gallery of heads

  • Two in one

Use the truck in the central lower level of the compound to kill two enemies at once. One guard stays near the truck, and the other patrolling guard on the lower level will come near it.

Old home

  • Open gates through their hearts: shoot through the gate and/or front door of the barn that is cracked open.

Occupied village

  • You can see them all

Mark all the enemies before you start shooting.

Enter the heart

  • Consecutive prayers kill.

Kill the two prayers back-to-back with no other kills between. Easiest to do by saving redirect charges.

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