Chill Corner – How to Get Infinite Coins

This short guide explains how to get infinite coins in the Chill Corner game.

Infinite Money Guide


  1. Go to your ‘Rooms’ tab and go to an empty room.
  2. Place down either of the bonsai pots located on the second tab of decorations.
  3. Equip a dog, located in the pets menu.

The Money Making Part

  1. Click on your dog, and press the button on the right side, to feed it.
  2. Click on the bonsai you placed down, and click the left icon to move it.
  3. Move it to any location in the room, this will cancel the dog’s activity so you can feed it again right after.


If you accidentally remove the plant, you can place it down again in the same menu you bought it in.

If you accidentally click the heart icon on the dog, nothing bad will happen, you just petted your dog.

Your money might not show up instantly, but it will be there.

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