Clone Drone in the Danger Zone – Robot Arena First Day Guide

Welcome to the robot arena! you’re probably really confused on how things work here, considering you had the brains to scroll down, guess little old me will have to lend a hand

Your Start at the Robot Arena


Not much i need to say, glad you clicked on this guide in your workshop feed though!

If you haven’t already dived into the robot gladiator combat that is this game, here’s some tips and other miscellaneous help to nudge you forward a bit.

To start we have…


In Single Player modes, you will fight against hoards of enemy death robots in the arena, and in many ways at that! To start among singleplayer modes, we have:

Story Mode

In story mode, you experience the epic adventure of a single human effort to save humanity from the robot civilizations attempt to wipe out human life and place human minds in… fellow robots for some reason. You’re not alone as alone as you would expect however as its not just you, but every human who is in storage fighting after you starting humans likely demise.

Story mode is great to get a handle on combat so best try and get it done sooner then later.

Endless Mode

“Correction, the amount will not be endless.”: Commentatron.

Wrong! In endless mode you will go through constant waves of robot battles on various maps getting upgrades as you go. Go through the various difficulty tiers and fight all kinds of scary robots. the difficulty scales with: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Titanium, Uranium, and the Fabled Insanium. See how far you can go and test your mettle!


In Challenge mode, select between a variety of special challenges having you fight with unique handicaps, enemy spawns, custom levels, and more. Most challenges net you a trophy, but some unlock new upgrades with some “hot” results. (plz laugh) Rise to the challenge and see how it goes!

Twitch Mode

While i’m not a expert in this since i don’t have a content platform, i’ll try my best to explain this one.

In twitch mode, single players fight in arenas while their viewers on whatever streaming platform used send in bots using their own in game currency to try and end their humans life.

I cant quite say how great it is, but if you are a content creator you should definitely try it.

Aside from single player modes we have:


As you would imagine, this is where your viewing robot(your PC) will start exploding. well OK not really. but now your robot endeavors can finally be aided by others of your mental capacity!

Multiplayer Endless

In multiplayer endless, you and up to two more bots will fight through endless mode with the same tiers as mentioned in single player. One big change is the removal of clone upgrades in exchange for the team revive upgrade. Players cant purchase as many team revives but you should make sure to have one on deck. Remember however…

Multiplayer Challenges

Hold on let me take a deep breath… OK i’m good now.

In multiplayer challenges up to 3 Humans will fight together in various challenges more fixed for multiplayer. while some of these are ultimately copy and pastes from regular challenges, they are no joke and alongside the multiplayer specific ones, you wont be able to just let great players carry you.

Sadly completing multiplayer versions of challenges will not net you the trophy or other reward but instead grant you custom multiplayer specific rewards like skins and emotes! Why you may ask? Its for:

Last bot standing

In Last bot standing several humans will be scattered onto a random map to fight to the death.

Prior to a round starting, humans will be placed in a escort ship to choose their upgrades and “mingle” with their fellow competitors. you are given 4 upgrade points and some upgrades cost more then one point so think on your playstyle, or do the cooler thing and screw around with builds.

Upgrade drops “drop” around the map over time so fight your way through your fellow bots to claim the upgrades to make you have a better edge in battle. when its down to the last few bots, sudden death will begin and lasers will shoot and kill any robot not in the rapidly closing area. Lastly for multiplayer fun, we have:

Private duels

Here you can set up battles with your friend humans for small for fun battles.

I haven’t quite tested this much myself either thought so its best you try it if you can.


No this segment isn’t just me boringly stating setting stuff. this guide may be super long already but look pal “Professionals, have standards” and i’m trying to help to legitimately help people with stuff they may miss. Thanks for reading up to this point i suppose.

Anyway for the main point of this segment, enter the settings tab on the home screen, then click the tab titled Multiplayer.

You now have access to specialties such as your bots:

  • Emote wheel.
  • Custom bot skin.
  • Your bots augmented voice.

You can even set custom bot skins and color to be applied in single player modes!

To activate emotes proper, press and hold alt, then select a taunt you have equipped.

As for skins, these allow you to take the appearance of the bots you regularly smash into the dirt. Now YOU can be the lvl 1 sword bot who could. Of course you don’t have all robots skins from the start and that’s where multiplayer achievements kick in with most of them netting you skins.

All have to say here, everything else should in settings should be self explanatory.


Ever see the custom maps and think, Man I wish I could build stuff like that, then here is where you can let those creative juices flow.

In the workshop, you can create custom endless stages, custom Last Bot Standing maps, or go even bigger and make a custom adventure map for some type off custom made adventure.

You could even make your own challenges if you so felt.

You have access to various tiles, light blocks, hazards, decor, and of course the enemy death robots.

Toggle the direction of certain blocks to make your own miniature parkour segment, or get creative with enemy commands and have a few random bots help you fight a army.

Sky’s the limit so go nuts, i can assure you people will love well made if at least decently made levels and challenges.

Some extra tips to send you off

  1. Strafing side-to-side has swords and hammers swing sideways.
  2. These are often best for hitting enemies but never underestimate a over head hit.
  3. Net code isn’t perfect so expect some BS lag in Last Bot Standing.
  4. If you drop in on a mid to late game challenge of endless run, Purchase team revives immediately. believe me, you’ll be doing everyone a favor.
  5. Spear is great for poking through cracks in armor joints.
  6. Using the scroll key on your mouse can rotate arrow heads from vertical to horizontal, do with this what you will.
  7. Be a good sport: if someone in last bot standing is vibing in a corner, let them be unless you need to kill them.
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