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How to Farm Money Guide


We’re diving into a specific version here, Beta, so keep that in mind. Now, to get rolling, you’ll need some cash, the more, the merrier, but 100 bucks will do.

We’re all about playing the in-game monster essence market. That’s why you gotta have some coins upfront. If you’re flat broke, hit up a level in the Savanna to rake in some dough.

Stock Market

When the clock’s almost striking midnight, head over to Montalvo, the stork. He’s the guy you wanna talk to about this. Choose the option to check out the essence market.

Now, here’s where the magic happens. Dump all your cash into snagging the cheapest essence you can find. If you’re loaded, go for broke and grab more than 999 of ’em.

Don’t forget to hit that save button once you’ve stocked up.

After the clock ticks past midnight, chat with Montalvo again and see if the price on those essences you bought went up. I’d say shoot for at least a +5, but hey, more’s even better. If the price didn’t budge or even went down, no sweat, just reload that save and try again. Once you hit the jackpot, sell off all your essence. For me, it went from 5 to 10, so that’s a solid +5.

So, let’s crunch some numbers. If you grabbed 999 essences, that’s 999 times 5, which equals a sweet $4995.

Keep doing this every night, and you’ll be swimming in cash in no time. I’m talking a million in less than a week, depending on how much you dropped in at the start.


This method is like hitting the jackpot every night. I kept at it until I had to spam that buy button like 500 times.

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