Cute Invaders – Best Class Ranked List

Best classes to use, there are 6 classes in total with 1 being the highest and 6 being the lowest.

Rating List of Best Classes

  1. Medic: Has very weak damage but healing ability makes up for it. ideal for small kaijus side missions
  2. S.W.A.T.: Has a Satisfying damage and fast. but goes down kinda quickly tho. use them for most missions, the dash ability is alright
  3. Ranger: Has good damage and high defense. at the Cost of slow movement and reload speed, useful for terrorist and kaijus of all sorts. invincibility skill does NOT grant total invincibility. feels bad
  4. Rifleman: Average stats and balanced at everything. has the only damage dealing skill which involves a grenade toss.good for terrorist crowd controls.
  5. Sniper: High damage but slow speed. using or playing as a sniper kinda sucks. enemies already know the snipers whereabouts from the beginning so whats the point of them sneaking. only good for small kaijus. at least they have barricade ability which protects from bullets and kaiju stones
  6. Scout: This is the worst class to use ever. Weak damage and high speed. goes down way too quickly for them to be useful for anything. avoid at all cost. totally worthless. Their double jump ability doesn’t make it more useful.
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