Dota Underlords – Basic Guide

What is Dota Underlords?

Welcome to White Spire!

A smugglers paradise with loose morals and colorful residents to spare.
Despite being overrun with syndicates, gangs and secret societies, White Spire has never descended into chaos for one reason: Momma Eeb.

She was respected… She was loved… and unfortunately she was murdered last week. Eeb’s death has sent one question rippling through White Spire’s underworld:

Who is going to run the city?

The Board

In this guide I have created a modified board for everyone to understand! Be with some modifications that only I understand or speak, but that take into consideration for the learning of you.

The beginning…

The board is divided between letters and numbers, respectively, from A to D (Your field) and from E to H (Enemy Field) vertically, together from 1 to 8 horizontally.

When sending a troop, we say that some troops are in house A1 for example, and when we are attacked, we say that the troop could be in house H8 that would be the diagonal opposite of the A1.

Disposition of heroes

The disposition of heroes is made according to their strategy of team and the enemy strategy, however, we will not always guess who our next opponent will be, so what is worth more is YOUR DISPOSITION.

No archers in line D! The D-line is for those who take damage, such as the Warriors and Guardians. But do not hesitate to put it in the back, since long-distance troops usually have a small amount of life related to each other. Do you want a tip? Some troops like Morphling can cross the Warrior barrier and go to their back line doing total damage to their archers, so avoid leaving your archers unprotected, try to place a Warlock or even assassins and melee fighters! Your opponent will have to change strategy to continue using a Morphling.

Who are the Underlords?

Four individuals have stepped out of the shadows to claim Momma Eeb’s place as the voice of White Spire.


  • Anessix – Mistress of Secrets
  • Enno – King of the Warrens
  • Jull – Icewrack bootlegger
  • Hobgen – Arson aficionado
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