This Guide will maybe help you to understand what the resident do…

What they Do

All the resident of your beautiful island have a different job. The resident will help you to grow your village with different activity. I would like to add than I am not sure of everything if some one want to correct me I will glad to listen you.

Farmer: One of the most important, they grow your field, plant and harvest.

Villager (Red): The red villager will cook (Kitchen) and made drink (Potable Plant) for your village is one of the most basic but important for the happyness of your island.

Villager (Blue): Do nothing (I don’t know why).

Miner: The miner is good for the farming of different bar of materials on the (on the smithy room) they will speed up the process, also if you had a Armourer’s Workshop the miner and bar in the chest they will begin to smithing.

Merchant: The merchant gonna sale item to the different resident (they seem to work often at night but sometime at day).

Barman: Work at night and will serve drink on the bar.

Dancer: Will dance if you have a podium and generate happiness.

Solder (Blue): Will guard the room and attack (Normal soldier).

Soldier (Red): Guard and add defense buff during battle.

Soldier (Green): Guard and healt during battle.

Singer (Male/Female): Will sing and generate happyness.

Nun (Priest): Will pray on your church and generate happyness during mass.

Elder: I have read sometime they will fish I never see that let me know.

Child: Like the red villager but they are more cute.

Also some resident seem to be special like Jeremiah who can speed up your construction on the Wizard’s Workshop.