Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – Beginners Tips

Small tips for new players trying the game for the first time.

Tips for New Players

When on the title screen go to options and move to the “Gameplay” tab. There are a few default options you will want to change for a more fun experience.

  • You will want to make sure “Connectivity” is on properly.
    • If it is off, then something is at issue with your internet settings and the game will give you offline pawns which are worse than online pawns in a large way. This is also the setting you want to turn off if you want to fight the Ur Dragon without waiting for his status to change, however some drops are restricted to only the online version of this dragon. Fighting Ur isn’t a huge deal but a lot of people get discouraged on how the online mechanics works so I would read up on it later. It is also a late game boss and you won’t need to worry about it right now.
  • Pawn Subtitle display and Pawn chatter.
    • The first is great if you need the sound off or if you are hard of hearing, they will print their advice on screen. Pawn chatter is for when you have learned enough about the advice from them in general. When off, they will almost never speak though, so if you are having some issues with a creature and have it turned off, turn it back on for a bit to see if they can provide advice. Usually used only if you are tired of being told of the weakness of wolves for the thousandth time.
  • Cinematic Camera (default on).
    • This is the biggest one to change for good reason. Any time a pawn wants your attention for a special move the camera will zoom to the target or the pawn almost regardless of what you are doing. Needless to say it is a huge hindrance to leave this on normally, especially when you have 3 pawns. Please turn this off and leave it off. Trust me on this.

Don’t forget you need to save your changes before leaving this options screen!

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  1. You can learn about the land of Gransys, in my opinion, through escort quests. They certainly seem worthwhile to me. Additionally, escort quests can provide a welcome challenge if completed manually, as the game will eventually become extremely easy.

    Nevertheless, a lot of escort locations are worthwhile to have a portcrysl placed at because they serve useful purposes in and of themselves or are tied to the plot. (As in the case of Shadowfortress and the Healing Springs.) After that, you can decide whether to port there or manually complete an escort quest. For my part, I almost always complete them by hand. Depending on how you choose to approach it, this will give you a lot of DP and present a little challenge.

    As an aside, I accept the min-/maxin point. All will be well if you just don’t play as a sorcerer until you reach level 100 and then switch to a warrior.

  2. In regards to NPC sidequests, I disagree. I have played this game for over 1800 hours and have never once played NG+. On the other hand, most blackboard-quests are forgettable. However, there might be intriguing rewards. They won’t run out, though. (Apart from escort-quests, that is.) There are some fascinating sidequest stories as well. (Mostly Quina’s and Alinore’s. Additionally, those are the most crucial.)

    You shouldn’t, in my opinion, play the game quickly. That is proven by the discipline-point system alone. If you take out low-experience trash, you’ll gain a lot more DP because the higher the percentage of DP, the less experience you receive for a kill. For example, escort quests are far more valuable if completed manually rather than by simply porting to the goal area. (since a portcrystal has been placed there.)

  3. Medicant: We both understand that “to alert” (you see me) does not imply “alert to” (I see you). When pawns notice enemies, they will prepare their weapons and buff them.

    Mitigator: It’s accurate!
    Every description of an inclination matches a behavioral trait that is internally stored. These are their descriptions:
    Medicant – Prudent
    Nexus – Same Support
    Mitigator – Poor Aim
    Challenger – Strategy
    Utilitarian – Tactics
    Acquisitor – Gather
    Guardian – Protection
    Scather – Belligerent
    Pioneer – Curiosity

    Utilitarian: Let me provide an illustration: Usually, when a pawn engages in a pawn-gap with an opponent, the other pawns are not very concerned. However, in certain situations, this is not the case. Rather, the pawn signals to you. They gave the Arisen, not the other pawns, the advantage. However, if a pawn is Utilitarian, they will react to a pawn that is grappling in the same manner as they would if the Arisen were engaging in the grappling. Rather than working exclusively for you, the pawns cooperate.

  4. For many reasons, intervention is not necessary, but aggression is a good addition. Until you reach 100%, there is never “too much ” in this game. Medicant doesn’t “alert” enemies; instead, it triggers the use of buffs upon enemy detection. “Mitigator makes pawns have worse aim, Utilitarian makes…” neither is accurate. The crystal tip is unnecessary since it’s just common sense that you’ll pick up from exploring the game on your own and realizing that side quests aren’t advised.

  5. -Harpy grabs will be broken by aggression (early fighter augment) before they cross the pit.
    -Prevention (early mage augment) stops petrification in addition to other things.
    -Thanks to Levitate, any staff position will perform better on platforms.
    -You can simply quit the game without saving and reload if a pawn made a mistake.
    – Damage from arrows is bludgeoning.
    -It’s too poised to wear two Ogre Bone rings.
    -An enemy will instantly be cursed by one skull.
    Tomes, Throwblasts, and Blast Arrows all deal endgame tier damage.
    -A Medicant’s inclination causes your pawn to heal with items that have a higher HP, be wary of enemies, and conserve stamina.
    -Pawns with mitigating inclination aim less accurately.
    The tendency toward utilitarianism will vanish on its own if you are short on pawns. In actuality, it causes your pawn to react to other pawns’ combat moves in the same way that it would react to your own.

  6. As an aside, the escort quest requires you to drop a portcrystal at the desired spot, use the eternal ferrystone to return to the panel with the escort on it, and then use the ferrystone to return to the portcrystal when the NPC appears. Completed the escort.

  7. Min-maxing has a discernible impact. That picture does not show how the game handles armor-induced damage reduction.

    That being said, there’s no point in min-maxing if you’re just playing for fun because your stat gains + gear will make up the difference unless you play one or two vocations exclusively.

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