Dungeon’s Legion – Nightmare Mode Guide

This guide is designed to make it easier for players to get started with Nightmare Mode.

So now you have no excuses for not trying Hellish Mode. Fun only meant as a support. Hope it helps….

Basic Info

You all did well coming so far. I think this Guide will make Normal Mode like a Dream come true. Now without long writting.

  • In Raid I placed Monster that where only LVL 2 and always the Newest.
  • Of course I placed three Heroines in the Raid too just like last time but more.
  • I picked the for me most useless: Claire, Melven and Asuka.
  • Of course only after I did not need them anymore.

Second if the Black Market Man (Random)came I prioritized depending on the situation on Elixier for Upgrading (Training) over Seed.(I made sure my Unit is full only one time but still)

Sometimes I bought the ressourcen I needed for the new Monster or Trap if I saw in the Raid droping chance was low.

Thanks to Lipi who asked in the discussion Forum:

Is there a way to slow down the End of Chapter? I found a way to at least make the Heroines show up one after another with enough time to catch the first one.

I tryed out if the Monster research has something to do with the show up of the Heroines.

Answer: Yes

Why: It´s a bit complicated to explain in short it has to do with the training Monster that the Heroine need.

Through that I found out that the “Nullify” start automatically !!!

So no investment needed and one extra Turn saved.

And you already know but still:

If you put two Fate Enchantment in the left and right corner of the starting Point you have 100% Chance to get an Elite Unit or if you researched the Fated Heroine her.

That means if you want you could invest in Fate Enchantment in the beginning and use it in Chapter 2.

To at least get Elite Unit to show up >>> 800 Gold 800 Elixier and Extra Loot.

If you catch Mion as Example 1.800 Gold and 1.800 Elixier (from Kareshna)

The other Heroines give 3.000 Gold and 3.000 Elixier (from Kareshna)

I do not know if that is interessting but here the Name´s of the Elite Unit´s:

  • Top Class Holly Knight
  • Senior Holly Knight
  • War God (War Lord)
  • Monster Slayer
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Grand Sorcerer
  • Biggest Villager
  • Bishop
  • Shadow

Are those all? That were the ones that showed up in my Case.

And I wanted to try out if there is a MAX TRAINING for Heroines… I got till 37 times Training.

Than you need to pay 3.100 Elixier. I made a Screenshot as proof.

If this is meant for Endless Mode or if in Hell Mode there will be a different Limit in Elixier I do not know.

Kareshna found out that each new Lvl up add´s +100 Elixier to the Basic Elixier each Heroine had.

If they had 300 and you train her she needs for the next training 400 for the next 500 etc.

Last but not Last:

For the one who have the “Adult Patch from Kagura Side”

Claire: For Training 3x Goblins

  • Adult Szene when catched: 1x Goblin

Mavis: For Training 1x Roper

  • Adult Szene when catched: 1x Roper

Jessica: For Training 2 Goblin

  • Adult Szene when catched: 1x Slime

Melven: For Training 4x Impf

  • Adult Szene when catched: 2 or more Impf´s

Lyn: For Training Ogre

  • Adult Szene when catched: Roper

Asuka: for Training Gazer

  • Adult Szene when catched: Ogre

Mizuho: For Training: Linch

  • Adult Szene when catched: 3 Linches

Henrietta: For Training: Deamon

  • Adult Szene when catched: Gazer

In that Case a Player called 2741076991 ased why there is no “Mate” Key in Chinese.

I tryed to open a Traid but it got deleted and I asked because I think it is because of the “Adult Patch” but in the Internet I found out that there are 2 Version from China one Global and one Protected. And some Contents are not shown than depending on the Version.

And if you click on the three point Key next to Elixier you can always see what ressouces you have. Only wanted to tell you.

Hope I forgot nothing now lets go to the Next.

The Chapter’s and Skills

The Skills I invested because I thought for the next Chapter and because I did not want to much attention from 2 Heroines at the same Time.

If the Black Marketer showed up: Elixier for Training or LVL up and Ressources if needed for Traps.

Chapter 1 (14 Turns)

  1. Train
  2. Black Market
  3. Squard Management
  4. Defense Magic (Arcane Beam) and yes holding the Z key or left Mouse over this Skill fasten it by 5 Secons I used it only on this.
  5. Jail Extension
  6. Expansion
  7. Elixier
  8. Barracks Extension
  9. Train II

Chapter 2 (22 Turns)

  1. Treasure
  2. Defense Magic II (Curse Touch)
  3. Recycle
  4. Valued Customer
  5. Roper (only When Nullify was automatically 2 Mavis) I could invest in the First Enchantment the same time (Slowing)
  6. Elixier II
  7. Jail Extension II
  8. Squard Management II
  9. Barracks Extension II
  10. Elixier III
  11. Research Slime (again only when Nullify was automatically 2 Priest)
  12. Recycle II
  13. FATE Enchantment (Like I said if you can invest in Chapter 1 use it in Chapter 2 no Heroines)

Chapter 3 (26 Turns)

  1. Expansion II
  2. Defense Magic III (Teleport) I used it only in a critical Situation 50% that it helps as well not…
  3. Treasure II
  4. Raise LVL Cap Demons
  5. Research Impf (when Nullify was automatically 1 Elve)
  6. Enchantment III (Bewitching)
  7. Raise Lvl Cap Heroiness
  8. Ogre Research (when Nullify was automatically 1 Witch)
  9. Fate Mion and Fate Lily (I took the Risk and it went well but only with one Fated Stone 14. Turn)
  10. Enchantment II (Thunder)

Chapter 4 (30 Turns)

  1. Expansion III
  2. Elixier III
  3. Recycle III
  4. Jail Extension III
  5. Research Lich (when Nullify was automatically I just matched the reseach time and catching t.)
  6. Enchantment IV (Meteor)
  7. Treasure III
  8. Research Gazer
  9. Raise LVL Cap Demon II

Chapter 5 (27 Turns but I had here a little BUG so maybe 26 Turns)

  1. Squard Management III
  2. Defense Magic IV (Terror Voice) Loved it when my Heroine was in trouble and than Teleport.
  3. Raise LVL Cap Heroiness
  4. Enchantment VII (Draining Formular)
  5. Research Daemon (this time no care of Nullify^^)
  6. Defense Magic V (Arcane Brust) I used it first because it need 3 Sec and than Terror Voice
  7. Barracks Extension III (I did not need more Space for my units… only to have it)
  8. Enchantment VI (Forgot the Name the EYE just to have it) It may be usefull in Hell Mod.
  9. Enchantment V (Teleport not needed only to have it)

Chapter 6 (27 Turns)

Yeah… being Bored to death… training the Heroines to see how Henrietta is cooler than Raina.

Uhm… Fate stone 2 to have some fun^^

Train my Seed Slaves to 100

Yeah… what can I say… My favorites Heroines where lvl 12 and the other lvl 7 just for the Raid.

And Henrietta LVL 37

Yeah… Booooooored.


  • But most of the time I let the room in Front free and lured with one Goblin left and right from Poison Enchantment the Foes astray.
  • The More Time you have to use Magic or the Poison to do Damage the better.
  • I just keep my Goblins ready… for the moment they are needed.
  • Like that in Chapter 4/5 Enchantment
  • With left and right from the Pioson Stone Goblins this time 3 or the one from Mion etc.

I call that my Handshake Trap because what everway you go the Enchantment will work.

By the way you did not forget right?

  • Pioson and Draining
  • Slowing and Meteor
  • Bewitching and Thunder
  • Most Effective
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