Eo – PC Controls (Keyboard Shortcuts)

As a player, I know how hard things can get when we cannot figure out how things work. I have listed some key controls that were found during my game play. Enjoy.

PC Controls

This is just information about what keyboard keys do while playing, as of the date of this guide. Some keys perform a task while others seem to not work right now and could be used during other events in the game.

  • X -Crafting Menu
  • C -Inventory Items
  • B -Campaign/Quests/Tasks/Useful Information
  • Alt+L.Mouse Click -Delete item under the cursor
  • Ctrl+L.Mouse Click -Attack/Swing/Chop/Hammer/Mine
  • F5 -Player Saved message
  • F9 -End gaming session (the game will close/end)
  • V -Shows a menu of keys (): listed below
  • (E) Sit
  • (Q) Sleep
  • (R) Rest
  • (T) Kneel
  • (Y) M-Dance
  • (U) Pray
  • ESC -Shows an information screen with useful key controls
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