EOS-503 – Answers Guide

Almost all the achievements are story-mode related, so this will help you finish the game quicker with all the answers to every conversation.

Guide to Answers


Almost all achievements except for 2 are unlocked through the story mode. Even if you get the answers wrong, the achievements will unlock. This guide is just to help you get through the game faster with all the correct answers.

There will be no walkthrough on the collectibles because all you need to do is walk around each area and find the objects that are sparkling. When you look at the collectible menu, it shows which area they are in too. So there really is no point to make a collectible guide. The collectibles are also saved for your other playthroughs too, if you managed to miss one but you should be saving often anyway.

There is 1 other missable achievement and that is to talk to the dog and give the good boy the correct answers. That is also covered in the Hub section of the guide. The dog can be found in an office to the left, right after you unlock the first achievement.

The Hub

  • Jan Hurwicz
    • Jog Contacts’ Memories For Leads
  • Hamadi Mohammed Ahmed
    • Lean On Others
    • Network Across Communes
  • Dog
    • Woof?
    • Workers of the world, unite!

City of Seekers

  • Thandiwe Buhle
    • Potential Rewards
    • External Validation
  • Shiraishi Yumi
    • Practice Paper Cutting
    • Sculpt Together
  • Charvi Shome
    • Community Buzz
    • Name Their Own Price
  • Sage Suganda
    • Assembling Identity and Purpose
    • Build Cultural Heritage
    • Cement Your Vision

People’s Republic

  • Lisa Ristova
    • Leading By Example
    • Learn From Others
  • Pedro Reis Vidal
    • Threat of Punishment
    • Petition Without Punishment
  • Abrah Omuga
    • Build Views On Evidence
    • Critical Reflection
  • Azazel
    • Evidence Supporting Goals
    • Lived Experiences
    • Of the People

Worker’s Hold

  • Stephen Spencer
    • Reflect to Develop
    • Lean on Prior Knowledge
  • Busra Unal
    • Plan Backwards From Goals
    • Transfer Skills from Work
  • Edith Rostad
    • Reference Similar Tech
    • A Shared Wiki
  • Rheegan Hamilton / Koyana Simms
    • Build a Shared Understanding
    • Reflect on Shared Experiences
    • Coordinate Organization

Ending Negotiations

  • Model Best Practices
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • An Emerging Pattern
  • Ideas Into Action
  • Interpreting Collective ‘Mind’
  • Hopes for your Community
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