Frostpunk – New Hidden Achievements (On The Edge DLC)

A description of the On The Edge hidden achievements. Spoilers, obviously, for the hidden achievements and a bit for the new dlc.

New Hidden Achievements from DLC

This guide contains spoilers for the new scenario On the Edge. If you don’t want to be spoiled on it, read this afterwards.

All Your Base Are Connect To Us

“Build all safe routes”

Once you discover the other settlements you can build safe routes between yourself and them. Complete all three to unlock this achievement.

We Are In This Together

“Save New London in On the Edge scenario”

One of the choices you make later in the scenario, whether to send aid or take in refugees. If you choose to send aid you will get this achievement upon completion.


“Let New London fall in On the Edge scenario”

The opposite of “We Are In This Together”, choose to abandon New London and instead prepare for refugees. Again, you’ll get this on completion.

You Had To Do It

“Rename Outpost 11 to you-know-what”

When you are asked if you want to remain as outpost 11 or rename yourself, choose to name yourself New London.

I Feel Lucky

“Always take the risky choice on Frostland in On the Edge scenario”

Whenever your scouts are given a choice (such as Tesla City) choose the riskier option.

These locations include Victims Colony, Tesla City, Steel Bridge, and possibly Ghost Ship.

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