GameDevVR – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Fully guided game developer simulator. About 20 minutes to 100%.

How to Unlock All Achievements

Miscellaneous Achievements

When you first launch the game you’ll be placed into a tutorial, make sure you complete the tutorial for an achievement and smash the bottle during step 2 to save time later.


  • You have cooked a meal!

Comes naturally from completing the tutorial or can be done in the main game.


  • Smash a beer bottle

Can be done during step 2 in the tutorial or in the main game.

Tutorial Complete

  • You have learnt all essential life skills

Finish the tutorial.

Left Side of the Map

  • You Found the left side of the map

The left side of the map can be found between the PC tower and the desk.

Right Side of the Map

  • You Found the right side of the map

The right side of the map can be found behind the toy box.

Zero Gravity

  • You have found the Zero G Easter Egg!

Hit the power button on the TV with the nerf gun or baseball bat.

Storyline Achievements

The last 2 achievements come naturally by finishing your game, spam the keyboard buttons until a percentage shows on the computer screen, now the percentage will increase automatically.

Game Jammer

  • You have made your first small game

Game Finished

  • You finished an entire game!
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