Gato Roboto – How to Go Back after the Ending (Cheating)

Want to go back and get 100% completion without playing the whole game again? Here’s how.


If you’re reading this, it’s likely that, like myself, you beat the game thinking you’d found everything, only to be met with a pitiful 96.9% (or worse). You then reloaded your save to find yourself trapped on a spaceship, with no escape in sight.

Shockingly, Gato Roboto does not currently offer any legitimate means of returning to the planet and finding those last elusive healthkits after you and Barkley have blasted off. Fortunately, however, there are some less-than-legitimate means at our disposal: namely, save file editing.

Step 1: Find and open your save

As most reasonable people will tell you, editing a save file first requires you to find it. Navigate to the folder shown below (with your username instead of a black box) and open the desired save file with your favorite text editor. The saves are numbered 0-2, so file 1 is save0.ini, file 2 is save1.ini, and file 3 is save2.ini.

Step 2: Edit your save

Alright, now we’re onto the good stuff. Upon opening your save file, you’ll be greeted by an imposing wall of incomprehensible numbers.

This is normal. Don’t panic, and if you’re panicking right now, stop. All we have to do here is edit a few specific values. Using whatever text-finding utility your text editor has, find the following pieces of text:

  • “map_start”: “map6”
  • “room_start”: “2522”
  • “hassuit”: “no”
  • “gary_defeated”: 1.000000
  • “spawn_x”: “56”
  • “spawn_y”: “152”
  • “success”: 1.000000

(if you can’t find one of them, try searching for just the first half- it might be slightly different)

Then, replace each of those pieces of text with its corresponding piece of text in this list:

  • “map_start”: “map5”
  • “room_start”: “1316”
  • “hassuit”: “yes”
  • “gary_defeated”: 0.000000
  • “spawn_x”: “208”
  • “spawn_y”: “150”
  • “success”: 0.000000

Once you’ve done that, save and close the file.Step 3: You’re done!If you’ve done everything correctly, you should now be able to load up your save and find yourself right outside the entrance to the Laboratory.

You can now explore the entire map and find anything you might have missed. The final boss will already be dead, but you can still follow Barkley to his spaceship to beat the game and get that tasty, tasty 100% completion achievement.

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