GROSS – How to Limit FPS (Nvidia)

If you own a Nvidia graphics card and the ingame option to cap your frames-per-second (FPS) isn’t working then this guide is for you.

Guide to Limit FPS


After upgrading my Nvidia GPU and jumping back into the game i got surprised with over 200fps but my fans were working on full speed. Going into the option menu of the game and selecting VSync did not work so maybe this guide will help you to not roast your GPU.


This guide is only meant for the owner of a Nvidia card.

  • Left-click on the Windows sign in your bottom left and click on it.
  • Type in Nvidia Control Panel and it will show you the program. Just click on it and a new window will open.
  • The screenshots are in german tho but it’s universal and self-explanatory.
  • Click on 3D-Settings and go to Program Settings. Now Add the game GROSS to the library.
  • If the game is not on the list after playing it recently, you can locate it in the steam installation folder of the game.
  • After you added the game you can manually tweak every graphic option you want but we only need to limit the Frames-per-Second so let’s scroll down til we spot the entry.
  • Just select it, activate it and select the fps limit you want. After doing so just Save every change you did in every window and you can exit the program.
  • If you start the game now you will have your preferred FPS limit in GROSS.
  • This tweak will not affect any other game or global setting of your graphics card.


No deal braker and a easy work-around and i’m sure that there are other programs out there who will work just the same. Fingers crossed that the Dev is able to fix this small issue.

Created by _Red_

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