Halo: Reach – Swift and Shallow Achievement Guide

A guide for those having a hard time with the Halo:Reach Achievement.

Where To Start

The best location (in my opinion) is at the end in the Tip of The Spear Mission. There is a jet pack near the spire so you can easily reach a banshee.

Getting to The Banshee

After getting the jet pack, jump onto a rock and wait for a banshee to get near and low. There may be Covenant shooting at you, I’d say ignore them. After you get the banshee, you can get your revenge on them.

This may take a few tries (it did for me). Make sure to hold the X button (I use an Xbox controller) when near a banshee to hopefully hijack it.


After one or many attempts, you can get the banshee easily, as shown bellow.

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