Helicopter Gunship DEX – Wingman Guide

This is a guide on how to use your wingman effectively and their limitations.

Guide to Wingman

Issuing Orders

There are currently two methods of ordering your wingman…

  1. Using the bindable keys which can be set in the Control Setttings menu.
  2. Using the Command Menu which is accessed by holding down either “Cycle Left MFD” or “Cycle Right MFD” buttons.

The Command Menu is the most flexible way of issuing commands as it will allow you to communicate with multiple wingmen (when implemented) as well as multiple flights (when implemented).

Wingman Order Behaviours

This area explains how each order works….

Form Up

This order can be issued to either the flight as a whole or to each individual aircraft within that flight. This makes the wingmen ro-join formation. It also instructs them to take off at the start of the mission.

Once issued, wingmen will form up into the currently selected formation (default is “V” formation, other formations will be available later).

Wingmen will maintain their position in the formation and will follow the formation leader. At high speeds wingmen will begin to spread out and gain altitude to ensure safe operating distances.

Hold Position

This makes your wingman maintain their current position and altitude. They will remain in this state until you give them further orders.

Move to Position

Tells your wingman to move to the current location designated by your targeting pod. The targeting pod MUST be locked on for this order to be accepted. When your wingman arrives at the destination they will enter a low hover to remain concealed as best as possible.

Move to My Position

Tells your wingman to move to your exact position and altitude. Make sure you’ve moved before they arrive!

Attack My Target

This will instruct your wingman to attack your currently selected target. Your wingman will make a sensible weapon choice based on ammo quantities, range to target etc.

Attack My Designator

This will instruct your wingman to switch their weapons to your laser designator code. The weapon they launch will then home in on your designator. If the weapon has a telemetry link (e.g. Hellfire) then your HUD will display time to impact as if you launched the weapon yourself.

Go Weapons Free

Instructs your wingman to engage and destroy any and all targets within range.

They will engage the highest threats first (e.g. Anti air units) working from closest to furthest away depending on their available weapons and their respective ranges.


Instructs your wingman to engage and destroy ONLY enemy air defences upto their weapon’s maximum range.

They will always engage the closest threats first.


Instructs your wingman to engage and destroy enemy ground units that are close by.

Your wingman will search for targets that are within 2km, then 4km, then 6km ranges.

They DO NOT prioritise enemy air defences in this mode but will attack them if they are inside the current engagement range.

RTB (Return to Base)

Instructs your wingman to fly directly to base and land.

Wingman Weapon Behaviours

Weapon Selection

Your wingman will make a fairly complex decision on what is the best weapon to use against any given target. This includes taking into account the weapons power vs target’s armour, available ammo, range and weapon cost.

They will favour using the cheapest weapon for the job if they can.

For all weapons, your wingman will continue to fire until the target is destroyed.

Each weapon has slightly different usage behaviours….

Turreted Canon

Your wingman will opt to use this weapon if the target they are attacking is lightly armoured and within a 2km range.

Your wingman will use this weapon to attack heavy armour if they have no other weapons available.

Laser Guided Weapons

Your wingman will opt to use this weapon if the target is heavily armoured and/or it is beyond 2km in range.

To use this weapon your wingman will need direct Line of Sight to the target so will raise their altitude until they can see the target fully. Your wingman will only ever climb to a maximum of 150m above the ground unless they are already higher than this altitude when you issue an attack order.

Once the weapon is fired your wingman will maintain Line of Sight until the weapon impacts and the target is destroyed.

Radar Guided Weapons

Your wingman will opt to use this weapon if the target is heavily armoured and/or it is beyond 2km in range. To use this weapon your wingman does not need direct Line of Sight and will be able to fire the weapon from behind cover.

Your wingman will initially reduce their altitude to a low hover to make use of any cover.

They will raise their altitude if necessary to ensure the missile will climb over any cover in front of them. If they do they will return to their previous altitude as soon as the missile is launched.

Wingman Tactics

Remember, your wingman is designed to support you in battle rather than completing the mission for you!

  1. Keep your wingman safe! Try to position them behind cover while you scout out the area and reposition them if you suddenly find they are inside air defence ranges.
  2. Use the “Attack My Target” / “Attack My Designator” commands to quickly get your wingman to engage the required targets. You can use “Attack My Designator” again as soon as your wingman launches their missile to get them to ripple fire.
  3. Keep in mind what your Wingman can see. This is especially important when using Laser guided weapons as your wingman will need Line of Sight to the target to engage it meaning they may need to get up high to see targets that are hidden behind hills etc.

Wingmen will only ever climb to a maximum of 150m above the terrain height to try to get Line of Sight!

  1. Use “Go SEAD” to quickly have your wingman engage any enemy air defences and provide cover for you.
  2. When in “Go Weapons Free”, “Go SEAD” or “Go CAS” modes you wingman receives a boost to their spotting ability and will mark targets on your Threat Display if they haven’t already been marked.
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