HROT – How to Obtain Pack of Hounds Achievement

This guide will show you how to get one of the four new achievements in the game.

Pack of Hounds Achievement Guide

First Ratter

First Ratter cannot be missed. He is right at the beginning of the level.

Second Ratter

Continue through the level until you get to the metro station.

Go to the metro train on the right and look up on the ceiling. There will be a tile poking out acting like a button. Press it.

A wall next to you will open and reveal a hidden section. Door on the right will have the second Ratter inside.

    Third Ratter

    After rescuing the second one, you will continue up the escalators and outside the metro station.

    The third Ratter is right in front of the building.

    Fourth Ratter

    After unlocking the doors of the building, you’ll have to shoot down the chandelier with a key to a door which lead into a room with a bell. Ring it. You’ll fall down and loose all your weapons.

    Continue through the tunnel and there will be a marked wall which is a doorway for the new secret level Rathaus, where we want to go.

    Ignore it for now and continue through the level right up to the point where you come back to the beginning.

    Now, go back to the marked wall and it should be opened.

    On the start of the level, there will be an intersection with three big doors. Go through the right one. There will be the last Ratter for your achievement to pop up.

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