Idle Ultimate – How to Play Guide

This guide will help you solve this game and its fundamental features.

Note Before We Start

This game is not primarily an idle game with generators, it’s a clicker puzzle game with a timer.

Starting Out

When you start out you may notice this tab at the top:

This is where the resource that you need to progress comes from [:] or [PP], these Prestige Points are spent in the Prestige tap and are your only form of progression.

The red button on this image is gonna be your primary source of progression, and we’re going to make it more and more efficient.


In the prestige tab, you’ll find this chart… There’s no need to look at anything other than the one I’ve highlighted, yet.

As you can see, the cost of this upgrade is 1[PP] aka Prestige Points, and this is your ticket to

  • [1] making progression tolerable and
  • [2] breaking the game in half like a KitKat.

All you need to do is spend All prestige points you gain in the highlighted stat until the cost reaches 9.

For every 20 purchase the PP cost increases by 1, meaning you’ll need to buy it 160 times.

The Long Haul

Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with the mechanics, all you’ll have to do is return every hour to claim another PP…

  • And then every 50 minutes…
  • Every 40 minutes…
  • 30 minutes…
  • 20 min…
  • Etc…

Soon you’ll be able to collect every few seconds, and once you reach the 9 PP cost you’ll me claiming 1 PP every second.

This will change the value of 1 PP from a 1 hour resource to a resource you can actually spent on the rest of the game.

Do note however that because you’re gaining 100% of your current [M]oney or [ ], you’ll within 2 minutes of continuous claiming have “InfiniteDtgt” this is a money state that will stop the earning of money for the rest of that run until you reset with prestige.

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