Kingdom Two Crowns – Plague Island Coop Cursed Crown Guide

Reveals the hidden objectives for coop cursed crown. Offers a relatively easy and safe way to obtain the crowns, with a friend or optionally just by yourself.

Guide to Plague Island Coop Cursed Crown

My Achievements and Soon Yours

Just to assure you that I’m giving you the right information and a plausible guide.

As you can see, I have achieved the plague island cursed crown, both in single-player and in coop.

I have done several tests to make sure that the objectives I give out are correct.

I believe that by following my guide, you can gain these achievements as well.

The Objectives

We have to first understand what we’re heading for in order to succeed.

The objectives for bronze, silver and gold crown are straightforward, the can be summarized into:

  1. Survive.
  2. Cooperative gameplay (via building).

They are all very easy to achieve.

The cursed crown, however, requires significantly lengthier survival – 80 days least (60 for single-player). If you complete all other objectives before day 80, you should receive the cursed crowns on night 79 (Lxxix).

It also raises the amount of cooperative gameplay to 6-8 iron walls per player (no more than 8 and no less than 6). Since that extra defensive is desperately needed in late gameplay, this objective should be easy to complete. It’s notable that a player should pay for all upgrades from tier 1 to tier iron, instead of paying for the final upgrade only.

What’s more, an extra objective exclusive to the cursed crown is that it requires a number of your citizens (approximately 50) to get infected, and propably a number of them need to be rescued by you (no more than 30) by rescuing the infected. Since infection is common and often unavoidable during gameplay, this objective should be easy as well.


There already are guides for universal mechanisms, so I’ll just give out the exclusive mechanisms of this specific island.

This island has no small portals or living portals, only two cliff portals guarded by invincible tentacles. Therefore, you may expand freely without the fear of facing counter waves, but you can’t beat the island either. All you can do is to survive a bit longer (In fact if you try hard enough, about 1 out of 1000 arrows get to do harm to the cliff portal, but that obviously doesn’t change things).

Greeds come earlier, become better equipped and become more dangerous then ever.

Greedlings: They appear in swarms very early game, and they’re almost always masked, making them tougher and more dangerous.

Floaties: Contrary to common belief, they DO spawn on the island. However, they never appear in an invasive wave, instead one of them is released along that few masked greedlings when the portal is activated (for being too close) starting from day 75. So they aren’t really an important part of the game and can be overlooked.

Breeders: The greatest threat on the island. They come significant earlier on this island, forcing monarchs to spend lots of energy and gold on defense early game. There’s also its armored varient, which is ridiculously tough (about 3 times the hp of a normal breeder). During late game bloodmoons, it’s common to see two normal breeders and two armored breeders in the attack wave, making a devastating blow on your defense.

Crown Stealers: They start appearing at around day 50 on there own (look into the sky, if crown stealers are to spawn, a linked constellation with the shape of the crown stealer appears in the sky)

Note: What’s more, if a crown stealer is to partake in an attack, a special noise plays right before the attack launches, you can’t miss it. On blood moon waves, an extra one spawns on the back of a breeder. So basically, an idle one for late game normal waves, an idle one and one along a breeder.

Chargers: They don’t spawn on this island.

Greed citizens: Takes approximately 3 arrows to kill, after killed, it becomes a vagrant. It does not steal tools, and always flee upon sunrise. Apart from that, it acts just like the normal greedling. After one of your citizens transform, a weird sound (the one played on the loading screen of this island) plays. It plays only once no matter how many citizens get infected.

Note: It doesn’t climb walls though it tries to do so.

All subjects (including the tentacles guarding the portals and even the winter boar) have the potential to infect your citizens via hitting them.

Other mechanisms

  • Blood moon waves spawn on both sides instead of on one side only.
  • No hermits, statues, mounts, gems like almost any other challenge island. And obviously no bomb.
  • Greed subjects retreat upon sunrise (except for the ones from blood moon waves).
  • Instead of providing your citizens full invincibility, the warhorse ability only prevents citizens from transforming into greed-citizens.
  • It’s notable that sometimes greeds walk faster than they should be on this island, get used to it and make precaution, don’t play too risky.

What to Do and What Not to Do

Since you’re going for the cursed crown, I should take it for granted that you have some basic understandings of this game. Therefore, I’ll show you what to do and what not to do instead of pinpointing everything.

You need defense more than ever, which means you need recruits and architectures, which further means that you need economy.

What you should do:

Always be on the recruit: You badly need people in the early game, so recruit some every day.

Even if people don’t seem to be important in late game as there’re only a limited amount of archers available for shooting, extra people provide thickness to your defense and provides the possibility to quickly recover after a catastrophic night.

Cut some forests, but not too much: Cutting down forests provide instant economy at very early-game and provides room for archers to hunt. However, cutting down too many trees can force the vagrant camp turn into a citizen house, which is significantly more expensive and less productive. If you don’t feel like it, leave those forests uncut for the early game.

Expand your empire to your need: during early game, you only need to expand a little to get some farmlands in the border to gain great economy. When you’re at middle game and economy is no longer a problem, do some more expansion to make sure you don’t get blown in one deadly wave.

Invest heavily in walls and knights: The enemies are in a great number, therefore, the exterior wall should always be of a high tier. Knights are necessary as well since they are the only protection from your citizens snowballingly get infected when the exterior wall is fallen. If you have enough economy, upgrade all interior walls as well, it’s almost a must during late game.

Use the catapult, but use fire barrels only: The fire barrels are a great area damage, though it does little damage to breeders, it can significantly weaken waves by instantly eliminating greedlings and crown stealers. Never use the original catapult as breeders get to take advantage of it. Therefore, do not invest the catapult unless you have enough economy,

Save money: For the cursed crown, it’s certain that you need to overcome a winter. It strikes at day 49 and lasts 16 days. The majority of income during this process is mainly your saving. Save during late summer and autumn so that you don’t have nothing to spend during winter.

Be your best self: Always know what to do and how to do it best. If you don’t know what to do for now, pause and think. If you make a deadly mistake (it happens), use alt+F4 quickly to recover the loss.

What not to do:

Level up the archer tower to tier 5 or 6: since there’re (almost) no floaties on the island, tier 5 or 6 archer tower is of little use. What’s more, they are way too costly. In fact, archer towers have little use during late game.

Wasting time: Time is always scarce on this island. During early game, time should only be spent on recruiting, expanding or buffing up your economy. During middle game, time should be spent on recruiting and depositing money for winter. During winter, time should be spent to get as much coin as possible through berries or boars. During the second spring or summer, time will be spent on recovering the damage from night waves as they become very powerful.

Playing on norse lands: There’s no area damage and berserkers are way less useful than pikemen and ninjas. Shields are economic burdens and are of little use. Winter berries provide less coins.

Have citizens too far away from your border: They’re easily infected and sometimes cannot reach your wall to be rescued. Which means this citizen is lost forever. This can happen due to various reasons: Unreasonable assignment, archers hunting too far away, etc. Whenever this phenomenon takes place, it should be looked into and taken care of. Otherwise your empire loses population steadily

Prioritizing recruiting very highly during late game: since only a number of archers can be available in the defense, and that number has been reached, recruiting should no longer be the top of your concern. More energy should be spent on defensive structures.

Sending your troop to attack the portal: It’s suicide.

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