Left 4 Dead – Lamb 2 Slaughter (Solo Achievement) Guide

An easy way to get the achievement in solo.


Not many guides had helpful information for this achievement, so I wanted to put together a guide to help people get this in the quickest way possible solo.


  1. “map l4d_vs_hospital01_apartment versus” Into the console commands to load the map. Redo this until you spawn as a survivor.
  2. Open the door to start the match. If you can’t open the door, use “mp_gamemode coop” to swap to coop. Open the door, then use “mp_gamemode versus”
  3. Use “ss_connect” to add a splitscreen and “cmd2 jointeam 2” to add the second player to the survivor team. Or the game will end when you swap to infected.
  4. After setting up the second player, use “sv_cheats 1; noclip; sv_cheats 0” and run yourself to the same room and close the door, then reopen the door. Use “sv_cheats 1; noclip; sv_cheats 0” again to turn off noclip on the survivor.
  5. Press M on your keyboard and swap to infected. Wait for the survivor you were playing to teleport to the start of the map, then use “sv_cheats 1; z_spawn tank; sv_cheats 0” to spawn as the tank and kill them. It should pop.
  6. If for whatever reason it didn’t pop, you can just use “sv_cheats 1; noclip; sv_cheats 0” As the tank run to the safe room use “sv_cheats 1; warp_all_survivors_here; sv_cheats 0” Into the safe room, then go outside of the room and use it again, a good place in the road since it has a car to oneshot most of them. Just down them, and it will then pop 100%.

This method also works for all other versus downing people at the end of a level achievements.

  • “map l4d_river03_port versus” For Sacrifizzle. I would recommend using “kick tank”, “kick (1)tank” and “kick (2)tank” at the end when you try to sacrifice yourself to make this easier. Then spawn as tank and just kill whoever your dropped down.
  • “map l4d_garage02_lots versus” For TRUCK STOP. Just spawn as tank after you use the power for the last time and kill them as the car comes down easy peasy.
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