Like a Dragon: Ishin! – How to Easily Catch a Fish with Keyboard

Basic Tutorial and picture how to catch fishes.

How to Catch the Fish

Our keyboards dont vibrate like a controller so we have to rely on our eyes. Its pretty easy once you know how to catch a fish. It works on both river and sea fishing.

Throw your rod near fishes if you dont want to wait too long if you dont have bait. But bait is not required to fish. The bait helps if you want rarer fishes. If you see a fish nibble at your lure (marked as red fish) you have to wait until the red part of the lure is going in the water. It worked best for me by waiting till its half submerged like in the screenshot.

Of course better rods helps and you can buy them at the shrine for virtue.

And now you know how to fish. Enclosed is the fishing picture.

Created by Vedajo

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