Little Goody Two Shoes – How to Get Bathed in Gold by Modifying the Save File

If you unfortunately miss one during the process of collecting the Golden Maidens, and are tired to restart the game like me, then this guidance may help you.

Guide to Get Bathed in Gold by Modifying the Save File


First of all, select the save slot you want to modify, then follow to:

  • C:\Uses\AppData\LocalLow\AstralShift\Little Goody Two Shoes\SaveGames

The number at the beginning of the save file corresponds to the in-game save slot. For example, the save file start with the 1- corresponds to the in-game slot 1. Now, right click the save file and open it in Notepad, find the “goldenMaidensCounter”: }” change the number after the colon to 25. Press “ctrl+s” to save your modification, then turn off the file. Here is the screenshot of the save file.

Notice! The format of the save file is json, it’s best for you to backup the file in advance.

Start the LGTS, load the slot you just modified, head to Elise’s bedroom. If the modification takes effect, you’ll find any different in Elise’s bedroom, then follow the fireflies and ready to get Bathed in Gold!

Created by FlameChasers

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