Lords of the Realm II – Using Two Bugs (Cheats)

There are 2 bugs that I know of: Create an army above the max of 1500 and a tax bug go from zero happiness to 100 in one turn.

Two Bugs

In the old days I found 2 bugs I dont know of this works in this steam version (not tested yet). It’s about max army and about taxes. It will only work on big maps like France or Germany etc And you must have a lot of country’s. I use these bugs as a final blow to the remeaning enemies.

It use a big preparation before you can start.

First I tell you the bugs.

  • Max Army Bug: More than the standard max of 1500 men (my record was around 8000 men).
  • Tax Bug: With ALL your countrys you can go from 0 happines to 100 in 1 turn.

This is a very time consuming bug and takes a lot of turns.

  • Make sure you finish all coutrys with royal castles AND have more than 50.000 crowns.
  • The remaining enemies may not have more than 2 country’s and therefor not so strong enymore.
  • Before you start, Fill all your castles in country’s connected to the enemys with Archers (that’s what I do) And send all remaining troops home.
  • Choose 1 country with a lot of fields with wheat NO COWS and not a neighbor of an enemy.
  • In that country make sure u have more than 20.000 wheat in stock. This country is what I use to create the massive army from at the end of the map.
  • I use knights 70% and pikes 30%. Make sure you create more than 10.000 weapons of your choice.
  • When you have all weapons AND all country’s are with happines of 100 and many people.
  • Then create in All country’s (not country’s with black death) The max army you can and send them to the country’s from step 4 (this is why you need that money) But only if the normal taxes can support that amount of troops (my record was 15 armies of 900 men). Note: all the happiness drops to zero.

Now comes the tax bug 🙂

  • Instead of reducing all taxes to zero Raise it to the max at 50% in ALL country’s.
  • Set labor at your will.
  • Click next turn, All happiness is still zero Leave the taxes high because the tax menu said: other country’s +100 (around).
  • 2nd next turn and all But 1 or 2 are back to 100 happiness 🙂
  • Reduce all taxes back at your way and in the 0 happiness country to zero and triple rations.
  • And now you have a massive amount of crowns extra in only 2 turns.

Back to the army trick:

  • Put all troops to the end of the border in country from step 4 But NOT His army.
  • Split the army with a max of 60 and merge that small groep to some Big army. At this way the new combined army comes from “Infidels” or something similar (VERY IMPORTANT). Now you cannot split it again in this turn. So next turn.
  • Check every turn all you country’s so they do not drop to zero again.
  • Repeat step 16 every turn until All armies are from Country (step 4) or from “Infidels”.
  • Make sure that ALL Armies are within the borders of country (step 4)
  • And that country is in perfect condition with max happiness AND perfect health, if needed set rations to double a few seasons.
  • Go to autumn season and Disband all armies (not from the castles). Within the same turn Create the max possible army and you see: much more than 1500 men.
  • Reduce tax in the country to zero and give them triple rations (this is why you need that much grain).

Now there are WAY to many people in that country and therefor the max migration to 1 other country with a max of 100 people. With that big army swipe out the rest of the enemies. With an army of 8000 men you will lose no troops with automatic battle EVEN against a Royal castle.

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