Lunacid – Level 1 Forsaken Tips

Reject growing as a person! This guide assumes you already beat the game at least once and therefore know the most common secrets. Also, do not fear – the game is actually somehow balanced around level 1 character.

Basic Tips for Level 1 Forsaken Gaming

Actual Tips

Below are the tips. If you have any wisdom you’d like to share, feel free to comment – I plan to update this guide, just not sure with what yet.


  • One thing you’ll notice is that your walking speed and jump height sucks. Get used to it. You can sorta-dash if you have any weapon with forward thrust – simply charge it up and release the moment you start your jump to keep some of the momentum. Safer alternative to Axe of harming, at least until you get strong enough to get it.


  • You’d think that avoiding fights is going to be the main srategy, but the opposite is actually true – you die to one hit from most of the enemies so you can’t really afford to be caught by surprise. Also, enemies drop loot which you will need more than anyone else.
  • Get to the Yosei forest as soon as you can and pick up the bow. It’s better than crossbow, and you don’t need money to get it in the first place.
  • Summons are your friends – kodama and fairy are the easiest ones to get.
  • Getting blessed wind is important. As soon as you get enough mana to cast barrier, go get the best melee weapon in the game. It’s okay to spend a couple of mana potions to get there, you’ll make up for it with the sheer power of SLASH.
  • Surprisingly, throwing knives are actually useful to you. Get all the ocean bone shards you can see!


  • Prioritize getting ocean elixirs and earth elixirs over anything else. They literally hard-carry you as the only way you can get more health and mana.
  • As soon as you get barrier and enough mana to cast it, go back to the Hollow Basin and get to the Forbidden Archives. From there, you can use the barrier spell to create ‘steps’ going down directly outside of the area with save crystal. That’s where you’ll find Axe of harming, your main movement option that will carry you through the rest of the game. (you can also sorta cheese it even earlier if you get the summon snail ring, but I recommend not relying on random drops for the sake of your sanity).
  • Bombs and urns are great if you need some damage, but it takes some skill to use them well. Save before you use them up and test the ranges before engaging with any stronger enemies.
  • Moon vials also restore mana. Very important for you, since you have so little mana to spend in the first place.
  • The entrance to Yosei forest is a good farming spot to get more potions and silver, but don’t spend too much time farming.
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