Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection – E-Crystals Farming Strats

Grinding in this game is tedious, most of you are doing it to get the Jackson Cyber Elf, and some are just perfectionist, huge respect to them.

Mega Man Zero 1

So Far, the best spot to farm E-Crystals is the Desert, going back and forth through the whole desert nets you arround +200 EC, as there are about 15 snake enemies there and they always grant an EC upon dying, 1 run should cost you 2 minutes if you’re fast enough.

let’s say that in 1 hour, and considering you own every elf, you should be able to upgrade them all.

Mega Man Zero 2

Make sure you don’t have the Energy form equipped : it will decrease your chances of getting ECs.

There are 2 areas where you can farm ECs in this game:

  • The forest where you fight the first selectable boss, get the fire chip and burn the leafs, doing so reveals some branches containing ECs, head next to the middle of the stage where you can find 2 groups of bees, stand in the middle between the groups and shoot the pink bee to make it explode and let it kill 3 of the other bees nearby.
  • This is better than the first method, head to the Crystal caves, they didn’t simply name the area just for nothing, head to where you’ll end up platforming on a blue and red crystals, try to stand on the highest point where you and the mirror are facing each other and keep shooting it as it spawns fireflies, the mirror will never be destroy’d and will infinitly spawn fireflies, doing so will net you about +9000 ECs in one hour, making it probably the best method in all the Z games.

Mega Man Zero 3

Farming in this game was made much more easier thanks to the addition of the satellite Cyber elves, which surprisingly don’t affect the rank, equip the elf Enethas, the elf can be found in Blizzack Staggroff, you might want to consider equipping the Elf Byse, found in Copy-X mk. 2’s stage, it doubles the amount of items dropped:

  • Head to Blizzack Staggroff’s stage, equip both of these elves, and stand right next to the pantheons that spawn next to the start of the stage, block their attacks and strive away from the screen back next to the Cyberspace door and head back to where they spawn, you should end up with 300 ECs each minute
  • Foxtar’s stage contains some moth enemies that have a high EC drop rate just in case you want to consider it, they happen to be in the early places of the stage so it’s quite easy to farm there as well.
  • Through deathtanz mantisk’s stage, you can farm ECs very early, that is if you have difficulties reaching the stages i mentioned above as they’re mid/late game while this one is in the early game. with the fire chip equipped, you can unlock the hidden paths in this stage, allowing access to many EC containers.
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