MISTOVER – Skill Descriptions for Max Level Versions and Notes on Skill Trees

Contains list of the fully upgraded skills for each class with effects, stats, and target styles. Will contain some thoughts on some skills.

Reading the Tables

Reading the tables should be pretty straight forward. For target columns: B=back, M=mid, and F=front.

Witch Skill Table

Demon of Laplace: Pretty good column EVD buff, but can’t be used in the back row which sucks. Even if your Witch starts back row she has a chance to work her way into the middle row anyway though so definitely not a wasted slot.

Wind Cutter: Does way too little damage when compared to Chaos Blast, the SPD buff is cool but your Onmyo should more than handle any needs for speed.

Frost Bind: Really good single target damage that also debuffs EVD and SPD significantly. One cast of this usually forces an enemy to the bottom of the turn order even on a guard. Gets great damage increases per level along with HIT/CRIT.

Flare Spiral: While the total potency of a multi-target bleed seems attractive, most non-boss enemies will be focused down before the bleed takes full effect and boss enemies will require single target burst damage.

Zero Gravity: Row wide stun, damage is inconsequential. Not a bad choice for a skill to dump points into at the end of the game but the SPD debuff on Frost Bind can do part of Zero Gravity’s job while also doing triple its damage and inflicting EVD down.

Dispel Star: Exactly what is sounds like, useful to remove particularly scary buffs on certain late game bosses but doesn’t require SP investment to do it.

Ego Strike: Same damage as Frost Bind but better targeting areas and arguably worse debuffs.

Chaos Blast: Can hit up to four enemies and smart movement can even let you nail cloaked enemies with it. Does very respectable damage considering the target type. Gets decent damage increases per level.

Wild Surge: Sounds cool to cast spells for 0 mana. This skill sucks.

Sister Skill Table

Love: Depending on how you position your Sister it could be your big heal. I personally put my Sister in the middle column for access to the numerically superior Suspicious Love.

Suspicious Love: Single target heal that packs the punch to actually be worth using. Gets good returns on level ups.

His Blessing: Honestly a skill I warmed up to over time and not a bad choice for endgame levels where you have more SP than skills worth spending them on. It only gains the decreased mana cost on level up.

Sweet Capture: Any column targeting stun, pretty good.

Overflowing Love: Puts in more work once it hits levels 3-5 but can really help out when needed. Definitely worth leveling up after your other stuff like Suspicious Love and Stable Cloud.

Prayer of Love: The odd middle child between Overflowing and Suspicious Love, AKA not worth it in my opinion.

Masochistic Pleasure: A novel skill in the toolkit but I never got any mileage out of it since you can very easily have enough mana for even the longest of combat sequences without needing to restore it. Not a fan of taunts aside from Mark of the Werewolf which also slaps the brand on top of the taunt for consistency.

Stable Cloud: Removes 1 bleed at level 1, removes column of bleeds at level 2, then a cross of bleeds, and then removes all bleeds including self at level 5. Can remove bleeds from self starting from level 2 and gets easier with levels. Most likely a priority to put some early levels into it and then max after your single target heal.

Final Prayer: Sounds really good but is totally unnecessary. Gets virtually nothing on level up aside from reduced mana cost because who cares about the difference between 1 HP and 20 HP when you have like 500-1600 HP.

Shadow Blade Skill Table

Sting Hard and Release: Grouping these two together because they are a logical combo of generating charge and moving forward with 280% damage and then releasing charge and moving backwards for 280%+ damage. Excellent damage, good hit and crit bonuses, great returns on level ups for both. These should absolutely be concomitantly leveled. This combo makes the class.

Snake Eyes: Nice stun, but Shadow Blade is pure damage of the highest order so I wouldn’t waste the turn or the skill points when you can just kill the target instead of stunning it.

Invisible Throw: Good row attack but Shadow Blade can do so much more with the single target Sting/Release combo.

Smoke Bomb: Really nice evasion buff if you ever really need one. Can be cast from any position onto any column. Gets average returns on level ups but level ups should first go to damage for Shadow Blade.

Strike from Behind: Good damage that covers the main, and only, weakness of the Sting/Release combo by hitting the back row and pushing the target forward. Should get level ups after the Sting/Release duo is maxed.

Hide: A really sketchy band-aid solution to a really bad problem.

Secret Action: See thoughts on Crit buffs in Swallow Counter in Rounin section. I would rather generate charge by doing a bunch of damage with Sting Hard.

Bomb Toss: See Flare Spiral in Witch Section for thoughts on bleeds, same applies here.

Paladin Skill Table

I am going to preface this section by saying that I have not cleared Hard with a Paladin. I don’t want to put myself through that kind of torture. I think this class is absolutely HORRENDOUS and honestly should be completely reworked by the devs, which I doubt will happen. Moving on for those that really want to bring the Crusader of Cute along with them:

Holy Smite Cross: Great damage, 280% ATK stat actually, but why is your paladin in the middle row with provoke. Also moves the Paladin forward one space and probably into the front row making it unusable twice in a row, requiring a turn wasted moving backwards.

Divine Hands: Nice heal and healing buff if you ever need to throw Divine Hands but Onmyo should have the healing buff covered and the Sister can heal plenty with Suspicious Love.

Divine Armor: This shield will be eaten alive well before three turns are up on hard mode.

Challenge: What you would expect from a Paladin, except that the Werewolf has a better and more consistent taunt. See Showdown in Rounin section for general thoughts on taunts aside from Mark of the Wolf.

Shield Shock: A stun. Good candidate for points if you are using this Crusader of Cute.

Holy Guard: Another standard Paladin thing that could be useful in a very specific and deadly set of situations but puts the paladin at risk instead of actually solving the problem.

Shield Bash: Ok damage and movement for this class.

Holy Counter: Worse version of Swallow Counter. I don’t think Swallow Counter is good. A damage reflect buff that sends back 25% of damage to the enemy is not only a paltry amount of damage compared to the damage you need to deal to kill the enemy but is also directly countered by the rest of the Paladin that tries to increase her defense and reduce incoming damage. If I could somehow force an enemy to crit the paladin with this move and have it be 50% instead of 25% then I would consider it since the Paladin can’t be one shotted with her Jinx (but I would secretly just rather the Paladin had a consistent source of decent damage).

Holy Bind: Good damage, for a Paladin, and a stun/ EVD debuff. Not bad BUT CAN’T BE USED IN THE FRONT.

Note: This section may come off very negative because it is, but I acknowledge I might be too hard on the class. I feel that in this game the best defense is offense, so Paladin is just left to the wayside.

Figure 1: An Innocent Etrian Odyssey Player Wondering Why the Paladin Exists After Already Being Tricked into Buying this Game.

Werewolf Skill Table

Wide Sweep: Not a bad front row targeting attack by any means but it is outclassed by Wild Hit in that niche by a hefty 70% ATK stat. Has good hit and brands if you care. Brand gives 35% ATK stat bonus for the big hitters so the brand becomes worth the turn spent applying it as long as you can hit them twice (not really important for non-boss fights).

Burn Up!: Nice defensive skill but can’t be used in the front which sucks because a Werewolf is the least impeded class in the front and pretty much only loses access to this. Not worth forcing Werewolf into the middle in my opinion.

Blood Kin Power: Nice buff but not worth sacking a turn on most likely your main damage dealer to buff another damage dealer, especially since Onmyo’s job is to buff.

No Escape: Not a fan of the movement for such mediocre, relative to the rest of the Werewolf kit, damage.

Beastly Strike: The middle child between Wild Hit and Strong Hit.

Wild Hit and Strong Hit: The absolute bread and butter of Werewolf damage with excellent 280% ATK stat damage and decent HIT/CRIT mods on both at level 5.

Thunderclap: Alright for emergency movement. I am not a huge fan of taunts in general on hard mode since the focused damage can be dangerous as well as misleading for when they finally attack the non-taunted guy. Less damage than Wild and Strong Hit.

Mark of the Wolf: 100% essential for hard mode brand management in 2nd, 3rd, and in some formations of the 4th dungeon. The natural tendency of the AI to focus branded characters for damage lends itself perfectly to the added on taunt, which works because the Werewolf is the tankiest class in the game (Paladin shouldn’t exist).

Onmyouji Skill Table

Before I mention anything about Omyo skills I want to say that I think this class is an actual mandate on hard mode. Not only is his expedition skill necessary to safely clear the 3rd and 4th dungeon but his buff abilities are THE defining factor of Mistover battle strategy. To anyone not currently running one of these guys and still feeling out a team composition I can not recommend this class enough. Moving on:

Elemental Destruction: Good damage, good debuff, good returns on levels, and even moves the Onmyo back 1 tile if he was pushed out of position. With all that good stuff said, he has better buffs that can be run in my opinion. Not the worst choice but it is a shame that it requires the Onmyo be in the middle (Onmyo should never be in the front).

Exorcism: Solid debuff removal, the crit buff is meh (see Swallow Counter in Rounin section for thoughts on Crit buffs). Since the Crit buff is just an extra little treat to the main debuff cleanse this skill is a prime candidate for leaving at level 1.

Purification: Bleeds are nasty in this game and having a backup bleed removal that can let your Sister focus on something else is a God sent. Not only is it a backup bleed clean, but it also gives an increased healing spell effect buff which gives it some solid dual functionality. Another great candidate to leave at level 1 since the healing buff starts at an absurd 50% anyway and the bleed removal never changes targeting type.

Eyes Wide Open: Solid support spell that can cleanse important status ailments. Other skills cover the HIT buff much better so this is another prime candidate for leaving at level 1.

Power Promotion and Heightened Senses: The two dual buffing column spells and class defining features for the Onmyouji in Mistover. While Power Promotion buffs ATK and DEF of an entire column the standard 35%, Heightened Senses buffs SPD and HIT to the same degree. These skills are game changers and should absolutely both be leveled to 5 before anything else in the Onmyo kit. These simple spells are probably the best skills in the game simply because of how much control they give you over combat and how absurd the damage increase is, especially when stacked with potions in a boss fight. My Onmyo probably spent 90% of his turns casting one of these two skills in any scenario (Purification probably was another 5% honestly).

Shikigami: Crow: See Flare Spiral in Witch section for thoughts on bleeds. Competing with the column buffs for skill points make this an easy skip.

Tortoise: Even at max level the summon is squishier than the witch making this skill a complete waste on hard mode.

Koi: Another decent row stun. I personally prefer the support skills over this because they help me kill targets faster rather than stun them for one turn.

Rounin Skill Table

I am prefacing this section by including that I have never cleared Hard with a Rounin in my party, I have used it a fair bit though in Hard.

Bloodthirsty Sword: Does a good 280% ATK stat damage and heals for a negligible amount (can heal the Rounin out of limbo). Not a fan of the taunt on hard mode where I would rather my taken damage be diffuse and manageable as opposed to concentrated and dangerous. Worth noting that he still gets the taunt even on a miss. Gets good damage increases on level up.

Lightning Advance: Onmyo can do the buff better but only the Rounin can POSSIBLY pull someone forward. Not really worth putting points into in my opinion.

Showdown: See Bloodthirsty sword for opinion on taunts. Evade buff is cool but others can do it much better and without a taunt.

Swallow Counter: Damage reflection is very meh, crit rate is also capped at 20% similar to how hit rate is capped at 90% so the crit buff is also somewhat meh. I wouldn’t like to waste a turn on a damage dealer or Devil Eyes spam just to increase my crit rate on one person another 4% from 16 to 20.

Devil’s Eyes: An excellent debuff for non-boss encounters while still doing super 100% ATK stat damage, although just barely. Gets great returns on level up.

Bloody Streak: See Flare Spiral in Witch section for opinion on bleeds, same thoughts apply here.

Wicked Blade: Another odd middle child that deals bonus damage with missing HP, gets decent returns on level up but the skill itself it less than desirable.

Woodpecker Tactics: Has a good chance to pull the target forward while also doing pretty good damage. Gets good returns on level up in damage and chance to move target.

Strike: Applies brand, great for Werewolf, while also doing respectable damage for the Rounin with a high Hit bonus. Gets good returns in Hit and damage on level up.

Grim Reaper Skill Table

Going to preface again with that I have not beaten hard mode with a Grim Reaper, I have actually used Grim Reaper the least out of any class so I will try not to be too judgmental. That being said, I benched it for what I believe are reasonable complaints that I touch upon at the end of this section.

Wandering Spirits, Gather: The Grim Reaper has the worst resource in the game since it can only be replenished with kills, unlike the Rounin who can get points from simply connecting attacks and crits. The relative scarcity of the Reaper’s points make this skill all the more important and to me makes this skill mandatory unless you want a Reaper stuck as dead weight for 50% of the time. The skill gets great returns with levels, an entire Spirit Point which is really nice and ends at a complete refill.

Hazy Curse: Hit debuff with good damage, gets good returns on levels.

Curse of Decay: Defense debuff with good damage, good damage returns on level.

Chilly Curse: Low damage but can inflict silence. Pretty poor skill in comparison to the rest of the kit especially considering that enemies don’t need too many skills to whack you for a lot of damage.

Curse of Undodgeability: Yes, I am aware of how dumb this name is but the Grim Reaper wasn’t on Crew Builder so I couldn’t look up official English names and I’m not going to spend anymore time thinking of an English abstract noun for the state of being unable to dodge. The skill is par for the course, good damage and a solid debuff.

Weapon Destruction Curse: Good damage but the single target ATK debuff isn’t going to save you. There are plenty of much better options.

Door to the Spirit Realm: A solid skill with some damage, a stun, and a brand (which I regrettably forgot to include in the table).

Soul Stripping: If only this instant kill was as reliable as the one on Orbis Brain, don’t know why you would ever waste points or a slot on this.

Luck Thief: Easily discernible as one of the better skills in the game. Luck Thief is pretty much the reason to consider running a Grim Reaper with the absurd utility this skill offers alongside respectable damage. If this took mana to cast instead of Soul Points then this class would easily be the best in the game. Stealing buffs might not be great in most normal encounters, but for specific late game bosses it is a game changer, although it is by no means required since power potions trivialize boss battles even on hard.

Points to Consider for the Class:

Going by skills this class is just a better Witch with more damage that can operate just as well in the back, but the downtime that comes from having such a harsh resource system and the reliance upon getting one skill to fuel her entire arsenal is quite the burden. Ultimately, I think this class stands about toe to toe with the Witch when you account for ease of building and damage uptime, maybe the Grim Reaper beats it by a hair if you can find one to recruit with the proper skillset (Gather Spirits, Door to the Spirit Realm, Curse of Decay, and Luck Thief as opposed to finding a Witch with just Frost Bind and Chaos Blast that you might even start the game with) although Witch will always win in terms of multi-target damage.

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