MOTHERED – A ROLE-PLAYING HORROR GAME – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Here is how to get all the achievements in Mothered.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Home sweet home

At the start of the game you will get this achievement when you arrive at home

What’s in the box?

At the start of the game when you have to grab the box for father you will automatically get this after you hand it to him

Fate Decided


When your picking up the apples you will get the achievement once you collect them all and place them on the shelf

Rotten To The Core


After collecting the apples, go back out there at night. Mother will be there, after clicking on her, you’ll get this achievement.



Do not proceed to find your grave. Instead, in the evening, go into your mother’s and father’s room and watch the argument.

Our angel. We will never give up on you.


When you go to the graveyard you will see a blocked statue unblock it and you will get this achievement

Be With Mother


When you’re trying to find mother she will lock you inside the shed after you break open the door you will unlock this achievement

You Are Not You


After unlocking the shed, mother will be talking to your brother. After you’re done listening, you should unlock this achievement.

It’s Time to End This


You will get this achievement after grabbing knife

None Of This Was Your Fault

You will earn the achievement after finding mother at the barn and giving her the knife

Secret Ending (+Achievements)


After you pick up the apples don’t go and drop them off go to the record player and click on it you’ll hear a click and go to locked the downstairs bathroom and you’ll start the secret ending


You will earn this after unlocking the secret ending

Memory_Leak and Our Own Path

In weird warp room you’ll get this after creating a path for the past soles and you’ll get the next one right after

Error connecting to Steam and MotHERed

When getting out the space and going to fathers car you will unlock both achievements.

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