Nightingale – List of Infusions and What They Do

This guide will be a compilation of infusions, and what they buff.

Infusions List

How to apply infusions? Craft or find them out in the wild. Once the infusion is in your inventory, right click and hit apply. A list of viable options will show up as to which items you can infuse.

Notes: Rule of thumb is that if the item has an attribute that matches the Infusion, you can apply that infusion to the item.

Example: If your hat has a ranged stat, a ranged infusion may be applied. However if you have a mining pick that doesn’t have ranged, it can not be applied.

If your gear matches the list below, and wont show up in the “apply” menu, then it doesn’t share a stat.

Purchased from Antiquarian (Realm Power 20)


  • Clarity (range) – Applied to hat, guns, slingbow
  • Courage (Strength) – Applied to gloves, wood axe, scyth, guns, slingbow
  • Gossamer (weight) – Applied to umbrella, hat, pick axe, sickle, wood axe, maul, slingbow, rifles/guns, pants, gear/coat , gloves, top, shoes, backpack
  • Hyperborean (Fire Resist) – Applied to coats


  • Constancy (Durability) – Applied to umbrella, hat, climbing pick, knife, pick axe, sickle, wood axe, maul, slingbow, rifles/guns, pants, gear/coat , gloves, top, shoes, backpack
  • Hale (Injury Resist) – Applied to coats
  • Resolve (Stamina efficiency) – Applied to climbing pick, hunting knife , hammer, sickle and umbrella
  • Stalwart (Blocking efficiency) – Applied to – Mining pick, wood axe, maul, backpack (shotgun other ranged weapons


  • Abundance (Disease Resist) – Applied to coats
  • Furtive (Stealth) – Applied to pants, shoes, backpack, shirt
  • Sylphic (Encumbrance) – Applied to backpack

Purchased from Astrolabe (Realm Power 30)


  • Conveyance (Ranged Damage) – Applied to gloves, guns, slingbow
  • Endurance (Max Stam)
  • Gaesa (magick) – Applied to umbrella, hat, glove, shoes, woodaxe, scyth
  • Ingenuity (stam Regen) – Applied to pants, shirt, umbrella


  • Death (Crit Damage) – Applied to hat, glove, wood axe, scyth, guns
  • Hubris (HP regen) – Applied to pants, shirt
  • Purity (Maleficium Resist) – Applied to coat
  • Time (speed) – Applied to umbrella and shoes


  • Fortitude (Max HP) – Applied to coats, shirts, pants, backpacks, shoes, gloves, hats
  • Lustrate (Poison Resist) – Applied to coat
  • Malice (Melee Damage) – Hats, gloves, knives, mining pick, woodaxe, climbing picks, hammer, guns
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