Orgasm Simulator 3 – All Quest Solutions

This is a quick guide to give you all solutions to the quests. If you want to do the investigations you still can but there is no point once you know the answers to them. If you play the game and never do a single investigation you can still get them all correct.

All Solutions to the Quests

Quest 1: Cheater

  • Your husband is cheating on you with another man!

Quest 2: Dangerous Yoga

  • This yogi is a member of a s*x cult.

Quest 3: A Gift for the New Boyfriend

  • We found out he’s cheating on you. I’m sorry.

Quest 4: Friendzone

  • Your parents are the problem.

Quest 5: The Mystery of the Disappearance

  • She was in a car accident and lost her memory.

Quest 6: Secret Employee

  • We found out he’s an underground p*rn*grapher.

Hopefully that helps. It gives you so much time that you can spend the entire game talking, flirting, petting and so on with all the girls. You don’t even need to train any attributes either. You can max out the affection of all the girls and still get enough money to buy them clothes.

Created by AT-502

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