Ratopia – The Guardian of an Abandoned Mine


So, having met a similar mine, you can easily clean it up, this requires:

  • A healthy leader
  • At least a few rats with an army specialty (the more, the faster the process)

In my case, the mine itself is located in caves in relative proximity to the starting point of the game at a depth of about 40-50 blocks

Features of the Guardian

There are only 3 features:

  • One-handed attack for 10+/- damage;
  • Two-handed attack with throwing to the sides;
  • Self-healing (+50 health 2 times);

Additionally (more details will be discussed below):

  • + Attack on the 3×7 area with periodic damage of 12 units
  • + Double fast attack

Preparing for Battle

First we need to deal with the guardian’s self-healing. To do this, we climb the stairs and clear the mucus from the stalactites (we do not cut them down, but we can leave the strength for 1 blow). Periodically, mucus drips from them, which restores his health.

We leave our subjects not far from the boss with the “protect” command so that they do not start a fight without permission. The guardian himself does not react to us until he is attacked.

The Battle

When both tearful stalactites are in the attack zone, we cut them down and order the squad to attack the already stunned rat (the effect is not very long – there is only enough time to run half the way to the second stalactite, but before the 2nd hand strike we may well have time to reset it).

After dropping the 2nd stalactite, the guardian begins to apply an attack on the square and a double blow, therefore, at the end of the stunning effect, we order the troops to climb up to avoid an attack on the square.

Then there are 2 options:

  • Finish off the boss yourself, dodging damage and posing as a hero;
  • Wait until the stalactites are restored and repeat the first paragraph.

The Trophy

After killing the guardian, a chest with a choice of reward will fall on us, in my case:

  • The ability to restore the mine to noctilite
  • 10 gold bars
  • Weapons for the leader

You can get out of the location through interactions with the chest, which will return us to the surroundings of the city when the award is presented.

What to choose is up to you to decide.

Personally, I chose the mine, since the resource is used for a medicinal potion made by an apothecary.

Created by Гринройд

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