RED HOT VENGEANCE – Police Gauntlet Challenge Guide

A walkthrough about how I beat this high difficulty challenge. Some tips included.

How to Beat Police Gauntlet Challenge


  • Unfortunately this challenge is luck based. You may encounter more cops when you retry.
  • You have to kill the cops as fast as you can. Don’t let them back you away.
  • Don’t pick up the M4 Carbine in the first room, otherwise more cops will surround you.
  • Use dual wielding. Shoot with one machine gun at time and watch out for your magazines.
  • Reload when you get a little chance.
  • Pick up the ammo and health containers when there are less cops.
  • Lock on is tricky. Sometimes you might lock on the wrong enemy.
  • I lost a lot of times because of that.
  • Near the end of the level, after the corner of the last corridor, cops will stop to spawn.

Video Walkthrough

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