RetroArch – How to Use the Share Button on the Xbox Series Controller

This is only for the Xbox Series X|S controllers only. I will show you how to enable and use the Xbox Series X|S share button on the controller to take screenshots in Retroarch using the controller.

Guide to Use the Share Button

How to install the Xbox Extended Feature Support Driver

You have to go into steam settings and install the Xbox Extended Feature Support driver. Steam>Settings>Controllers. Click on the install button. It asks to restart your pc after it’s installed, do so. See screenshot below for reference.

Turning on Steam Input

Go back to Steam settings. Steam>Settings>Controller. And click the slider next to Enable Steam Input for Xbox Controllers. See screenshot below for reference.

Getting the Share Button Working in RetroArch

Please Note: This only works for the Steam version or RetroArch.

Make sure your controller is plugged in or turned on before proceeding.

While RetroArch is running hit Shift+Tab to bring up the overlay. Click on the controller icon on the bottom on the Steam overlay. See screenshot below for reference.

The box that comes up should say RetroArch Controller Settings. The first box should say Official Layout for RetroArch – Gampad. See Screenshot below for reference.

Click on Edit Layout. See screenshot below for reference.

Scroll down to where it says Menu Buttons. Click the Add command button next to the Share Button. See screenshot for reference.

Click on Keyboard up top.

Then click on the same key that you have screenshots bound to in Steam. Steam default is the F12 key.

Once you click the the key you use for taking screenshots it will go back to the RetroArch Controller Settings box. Click the close button. Now you can take screenshots in game with the Xbox Series X|S controller Share button.

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