Roblox – Adopt Me: How to Get the Legendary Vampire Dragon

Adopt Me! is kicking off its Halloween celebrations early with its Halloween Spooks promotion, which runs until the day after Halloween.

The much sought-after Vampire Dragon is among the new pets unveiled at this event. However, how can you obtain this fabled animal companion?

How to Get Vampire Dragon

Get your money out if you have your sights set on Adopt Me!’s Vampire Dragon. The only way to get this legendary pet is to pay 1000 Robux. Sadly, there isn’t any other way to include this unusual animal in your collection.

Although the Vampire Dragon needs Robux to be obtained, you may obtain other Halloween-themed pets through in-game activities. Candy is a unique currency that is only available during the Halloween event. It may be used to purchase pets such as the Nightmare Owl, Undead Elk, and Ghost.

Adopt Me’s Halloween Spooks event only accepts candy as payment! It may be used to buy a variety of new accessories and pets. It’s important to remember that you cannot obtain the Vampire Dragon with any quantity of Candy. Robux is the sole available choice for this pet.

The Halloween Spooks event has a unique pet called the Vampire Dragon, but it costs 1000 Robux. Although other pets may be acquired with the unique Candy money, the vampire dragon is still considered a premium choice. It’s a distinctive addition to any Adopt Me! collection, if you’re ready to invest.

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