Roblox – Rogue Lineage (How to Get Mana)

Rogue Lineage is a fantasy game with rogue-like elements.The game revolves around a permanent death mechanic, where each of your characters will have but a few lives before they die forever. You’ll pass down some pieces of yourself to your heir, who’ll become your next character. Players will progress by learning new abilities and trying to best their previous characters. Forge houses with your friends to take control of cities, or stick it out alone. Tackle injuries, diseases, and trauma as you struggle to survive in this testament to pain.

Rogue Lineage Mana

Mana is an unlocked ability that allows the user to cast spells and enhance their physical attributes. The color of Mana is randomized for your character. (You can choose a custom color upon beginning a lineage with the “Mana Color Choice” gamepass for R$350)

You charge your Mana by holding G.

Rogue Lineage How to get Mana

The only rollable races that start off with mana are Vind and Morvid. Every other race has to obtain mana through one of following ways.

  • Hitting other players/creatures exactly 50 times will unlock mana. (Note: Using a weapon will add to the xp required to unlock mana, so hitting anything with a combination of either a weapon or fists up to 50 times will allow you to unlock mana, however mana will only unlock after punching a target, or at day 1 after gaining the 50 xp.) You can’t gain mana by hitting Fischerans.
  • Get struck by a curse spell – such as Ignis .
  • Become a Vampire.
  • Surviving for 3 days [ Incorrect, I’ve tested this and you do not gain mana at day 3. ]

Note: Your heir has a chance to inherit mana and will unlock mana at an 100% chance on their first day if their mana is maxed out.

You can get mana using one punch if you get enough weapon X

Rogue Lineage How To Use Mana

To use mana punch all you have to do is just charge up some mana and punch. To mana run, you charge up mana and then double-tap “w” quickly (This is unlocked at day 1). To mana climb, you need to charge mana then double-tap space when you are against a wall to start climbing (normally unlocked at day 1 you do need to train it to climb longer, max time is 15 seconds.). To mana dash, you need to charge mana and press Q.

  • Mana Punch – Unlocked upon acquiring mana. Charging mana and punching someone will disable their mana charge for 2 seconds. This effect is increased to 5 seconds if they are of the Monk class.
  • Mana Run – Unlocked on Day 1. Charging mana and running will cause you to sprint at a much faster pace.
  • Mana Climb – Unlocked on Day 1. Charging mana and double tapping space against a wall will allow you to climb it.
  • Mana Dash – Unlocked on Day 2. – Charging mana and dashing will allow you to dash further.

It takes approximately 4 climbs to add 0.20 seconds to your climb. You should be doing 4 climbs per mana charge.

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