Severed Steel – Secret Hard Mode for Church

How to activate a hidden “Hard mode” for the Church bonus level that spawns harder enemies.

Hard Mode? What Is It?

Churches ‘Hard mode’ is not “Sharpened Steel” or “Molten Steel” difficulties, but an in level trigger that spawns tougher hand placed enemies while you progress the map.

The mode is intended for additional replayability, but also for higher skilled players who enjoy the added challenge and chaos. (Lower skilled player are still welcome to try beating it as well of course!) Can also be paired with new game plus for even more spawns as well.

More enemies can mean a heavier performance hit on slower machines, so keep that in mind.

How to Activate

To activate this hidden “Hard mode” all one has to do is destroy the white and blue polka dotted vases with sawn offs.

These vases only need to be destroyed once, and from there on the game will spawn the harder enemies until you defeat the stage or die.

If you do die and wish to keep on with the Hard mode, these vases will always be placed nearby checkpoints with a sawn off for easy activation.

Other Secrets

  • Shortcut: At level start, check behind the left lamp post for a quick (covered) shortcut to the cemetery. This saves time having to run through the church.
  • Hidden P99: There is an uber powerful P99 hidden behind the cemetery staircase gate.
Created by Campion

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